CPI Fuel presents final report and points of evidence in cartel AM

The report points out recommendations, referrals and legislative proposals to try to reduce fuel prices.
20/08/2019 19h22 - Updated 21/08/2019 13h25

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The commission reported that the responsibility to investigate possible abuse of the posts

The final report of the CPI Fuel of the Legislative Assembly of the State (BUT) It was released on Tuesday (20), after four months of work (120 days). The measures were announced by the rapporteur of the commission, State Representative Alessandra Campêlo (MDB), in the president of the company CPI, Mrs Joana Darc (PL), plus Fausto Junior (PV, Vice-President of CPI) and Roberto City (PV).

The commission said it could not prove the existence of the cartel only in the Amazon evidence and said that the responsibility to investigate possible abuse of gas stations is the Amazon prosecutors (MP-AM), Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade).

The publication of the full report will be from the table-director of the House. The document points out recommendations, referrals and legislative proposals to try to reduce the prices of goods sold at the pumps in the Amazon.

"We can not condemn anyone because with regard to the law (8.884/94), it is necessary to prove the fateful combination of prices, what we can not have. however, was found by CNPJ owners to fuel distributors are brothers, uncles, children of station owners. As there will not be a combination of price, like this", He highlighted the president of CPI, Mrs Joana Darc (PL).

The parliamentarian said that a special commission will be created in ALE to track all referrals of CPI.

"We will continue overseeing fuels because we detected that the permanent inspection results in benefits for the consumer. Since the CPI began operating fuel prices decreased ", Joan explained.

According to the draftsman, Mrs Alessandra Campêlo, CPI indicates proposals to improve transparency and encourage healthy competition in the fuel sector and, therefore, reduce consumer prices, promote better interaction between regulatory agencies, and disseminate basic knowledge of the fuel market to consumers.

"In addition to forwarding the report to regulatory agencies, we will propose a law to institute along with Procon a kind of negative and positive list of service stations. We also have an inspection and consultation application of the lowest prices charged, plus a booklet on the rights of consumers ", he emphasized Alessandra.

Commission Recommendations:
• Easing the obligation of adding ethanol to gasoline and biodiesel in diesel;
• reseller release tied to a flag to sell another fuel;
• Suspend the need for minimum fuel stocks.

• Creation and dissemination of a monthly ranking of the fuel filling stations with lower price and passed the quality test and volume;
• Creation and negative record of disclosure of distributors and dealers fined;
• Monthly Disclosure of the profit margin of the fuel filling stations.

• Medium-term study to reduce fuel ICMS rate in the state and remedy distortions Act Cotec / AWPFC practiced on fuel.

• General Re-registration of all companies and fuel industry partners and derivatives. The initiative should clarify the relationship between some companies, and facilitate the inspection.

• Strengthening and integration of the front of the fuel market surveillance in the Amazon State, settling technical cooperation / agreements.
• Partnership DECON with the ANP for the preparation of technical reports to support investigations in the fuel market;
• Shipping to the DECON reports with the results of inspections made by industry bodies for the institution of police investigations, for criminal punishment purposes.

• Indicate the General Amazonas State Civil Police Chief to edit decree assigning responsibility to the police station to Combat Energy Theft, Water, Gas and Services (DEFS) to act together to cases of fraud and adulteration of fuels.

• Letter of recommendation for investment in commercial and marketing strategies aimed at consumer information regarding the market dynamics and composition of fuel prices.

• CPI Partnership with PROCON-AM for implementing a fuel price monitoring application in the State of Amazonas dealers.
• Preparation Primer Consumer Information Fuels Market;
• Submission of detailed CPI report and accompanying documents, including those equipped with secrecy, the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO) Amazonas State Public Ministry, for review and appropriate action, subsidizing investigations ongoing, after referral by the Consumer Attorney (PRODECON), Drag. Sheila Andrade, as adjusted at a meeting of the task force, in the certainty that will work for more in-depth and lengthy investigations are made by the ministerial body;
• Sending CPI of circustanciado report and accompanying documents, including those equipped with secrecy, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) in order to support the technical study submitted by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), to deepen the investigation and take the measures it deems appropriate;
• It is also recommended full forward this report to the competent authorities:
- Mayor of Manaus;
- Secretary of the Amazon IRS (RF-AM);
- Secretary of State of Amazonas State Farm (SEFAZ-AM);
- Consumer Protection Delegate (DECON-AM);
– Gestor do PROCON-AM;
- Manager PROCON-Manaus.

• Legislative Draft Resolution creating a Special Temporary Committee, without charge, with operating three months, in order to track all referrals of this Commission, in particular the implementation of the application and dissemination of Primer proposal;
• Bill mandating information of amounts charged by the liter of fuel for service stations;
• Bill prohibiting the filling of the vehicle fuel tank after the automatic locking supply pump safety, in Amazonas State under;
• Bill fuel marketing to making mandatory additives by average fuel price, when in the absence of;
• Bill establishing administrative penalties for use of adulterated fuel pump at gas filling stations;
• Bill forcing the fuel dealer to provide information to consumers on how many posts have and what other brands are associated. The main justification for the suggestion is that consumers do not know which stations compete.
currently, a reseller can have several tags simultaneously (BR, Ipiranga, Shell, BREATH, etc.) and establish equal prices to their posts, even being of different flags. This situation gives the wrong impression to consumers.

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