Deputy is accused of assaulting activist at a meeting of PDT and fight turns case of police in Manaus

Procurado Adjuto Afonso disse que não houve agressão física apenas ‘uma discussão acalorada’ em reunião do PDT.
09/08/2019 17h50 - Updated 10/08/2019 19h17

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The parliamentary adviser and cultural activist Paulo Onofre Lopes is accusing the state deputy pedetistas Adjuto Afonso and his son, Councilman Diego Alfonso of attempted assault in a meeting held on the night of Thursday (8) the headquarters of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), the avenue Ayrão, Square 14, South of Manaus.

The case ended up in the 1st District Integrated Police (DIP), where militant recorded police report (B.O) they also report having been threatened by the security guards of the parliamentarians.

According Onofre conflict occurred after the deputy and his son do not accept criticism from supporters and the fact Adjuto have voted in favor of the bill that freezes the salaries of civil servants to Amazon 2021. The militant also states that other people who were in the PDT meeting were offended by parliamentarians.

Sought to Adjuto Alphonsus press office reported, by note to Portal AM POST, that there was no physical aggression only 'a heated argument’ between him and Paul Onofre caused because the militants asked for clarification on the vote of the deputy in Aleam favorable to the State government. The deputy then countered with questioning the fact that he not be affiliated with PDT but the PSOL.

Read the full note:
Mr.. Paulo Onofre recorded a BO, but there was no physical aggression. BO in itself does not cite aggression blows, Yes it is, an alleged assault, which also unfounded.

Yesterday, during party meeting, was put on the agenda a request for clarification to the deputy about his decision during a vote in Aleam. The request was made by Mr.. Paulo Onofre.

however, Congressman questioned whether Mr. Paul is not even affiliated to the party. It is not PDT, it is affiliated with the PSOL, therefore, You can not ask for anything for PDT, or be part of the board.

Mr.. Paul did not like when he was placed on the agenda this fact, then began a heated argument between them, but do not hit the roads.

The deputy was accompanied only by his aides, who are affiliated to the party. The deputy never had security, he is up against this practice walking with security guards.

See B.O recorded by Paulo Onofre:

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