Doleira condemned in Lava Jet is reprimanded by Judge after video teaching remove anklet

The judge said in ruling that Nelma Kodama has done a 'disservice to society'.
09/08/2019 10h21 - Updated 9/08/2019 10h21

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Danilo Pereira Junior judge, the 12th Federal Court, in Curitiba, She scolded in an order on Thursday (8) the publication of a video on social networking doleira Nelma Kodama, convicted in Operation Lava Jet, teaching remove the electronic ankle bracelet.

On Tuesday (6), He authorized the magistrate that she made the removal of equipment, used since June 2016. The judge also gave within five days to return the anklet doleira the Federal Court.

As or office, Nelma issued a withdrawal tutorial, “available in various media”. No Instagram, for example, she made a live video.

“With the video release portraying the breaking of the seal of electronic anklet, Nelma Mitsue Penasso Kodama does a disservice to the Brazilian society”, he said.
Second or document, attitude sets “undeniably unethical and offensive behavior to the dignity of Justice”. Not release, the judge ruled that the defense it is summoned on the situation.

“As a reminder,, although it extinguished its worth private freedom, the executed remains bound by the terms of its award-winning collaboration agreement, It is essential to maintain conduct consistent with his collaborator status”, said.

Benefit from clemency Christmas
Kodama nelma was ordered in the first instance, in October 2014, a 18 years in prison for corruption, tax evasion and criminal organization. however, the award-winning collaboration agreement it provides maximum sentence of 15 years.

As the decision, permission to remove the anklet was made based on the Christmas pardon issued by President Michel Temer, in December 2017. The standard provides for the fulfillment of one-fifth of the sentence not to repeat.

The judge pointed out that Nelma Kodama, that is ex-wife's money changer Alberto Youssef, He served more than three years in prison – between closed systems and open differential. Thereby, pardon was granted.

About permission for the removal of equipment, the defense said it “I am waiting serenely such a decision, since Nelma lives up to all conditions set forth in the Christmas pardon decree of President Temer, in addition to having served time higher than expected in the aforementioned reprieve, as stated in the judgment itself given by a single Judge”.

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