“In eight years in office, He never entered the HPS 28 of August”, Wilker says Barreto on Belarmino Lins

Speech ironic deputy was in response to criticism of the parliament-mate.
23/08/2019 17h31 - Updated 24/08/2019 19h32

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State Representative Wilker Barreto (PHS) ironically countered criticism of his fellow parlamentou Mr Belarmino Lins (PP) for his work as leader of the State Government's opposition in Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard). The clash between the two happened apart from the deputy's speech Sinésio Campos (PT) on Thursday (22).

First Belão nudged Wilker saying he has no leader profile and everyday deals with the same subject, the problems in the public health system of the state. “I think that Mr Wilker Barreto has neither leader profile. Every day hitting the same keyboard does not change the tones, or the lyrics of the song. I arrive late already here not to have to hear the same thing because it diverts attention from serving the Amazon”, said Belarmino.

By taking the word the opposition leader said that in almost 10 year term Belão never entered the Hospital and Emergency Room 28 of August, located in South-Central Zone of Manaus.

"When I play in health deputy Belarmino Lins feel frightened. I need to give a reality check on Belão in these eight years in office, He never entered the 28 of August. If we drop here, he did not arrive at the hospital emergency room and Plato Araújo ", pinned Barreto.

"I'll even ask him to get off the floor, because the pictures I will show here, shocked to the DR. Gomes, further Belarmino ", completed.

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