missing 12 days to close at $ contract 41 millions of Dantas Transportation, company did not provide portfolio employee

Wilker Barreto criticized the Tribune Aleam the company that carries out the school bus in the state.
21/08/2019 19h47 - Updated 21/08/2019 19h47

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Less than 12 days to terminate the contract of Dantas transport with the Secretary of State for Education (Seduc), State Representative Wilker Barreto (We can) He returned to harden the tone, on the morning of Wednesday (21), the tribune of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard), against the company that carries out the school bus in the capital and countryside.

The parliamentarian said that Dantas has received just over R $ 41 millions of R $ 54 provided no contract, and also demanded the presentation of the work permits of 1.487 monitors, noting that the company received the additive R $ 18 million for the realization of these professionals.

"Once again I return to bring the topic on school transport, especially the company Dantas Transportation. The company has already received R $ 41 million paid by the Government of a contract of R $ 48 millions, that with the indemnity reaches R $ 54 millions. I wonder secretary Luiz Castro because four months ago, he apologized R $ 18 millions more to hire monitors, but so far it did not show anything about the hiring of these servers”, stated.

Having the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (CAGED), Wilker revealed that the company has only 648 servers on staff.

“It materializes as a clear misuse of public resources. According to the Caged Dantas, the company has 648 servers that may be of general services, attendants, the watchman who takes care of headquarters, but it's not the monitor. Even if that number were monitors, still would lack 800 signed wallets. That is, are 1.487 monitors parents of families who might be working in a dignified manner. This is serious, very serious", he explained Barreto.

The MP also criticized the lack of information from the Government, especially the Secretary Luiz Castro, by questions about the contract with the shipping company.

"I have complaint with prosecutors (State and Federal) on this contract which ends on 3 September and does not even have a bidding process in progress. A few months ago I have been saying this and charging the government, the Communications Secretariat, Secretary Luiz Castro, but they do not position themselves. And what is worse, You do not reach a document here in the Assembly that has the role of monitoring. Inclusive, I received the information that the secretary is out of Seduc”, He said the deputy is still waiting for the information.

“I hope he hold on just a little longer to explain this agreement and also appear at the convening of the next day 27 the Committee on Education, which deals with the convening of the approved tender Seduc ", said.

Government badly in the polls
During the Session, the opposition addressed the Government Wilson Lima has a rejection 70% the Amazonian population in these seven months in office. "The research showed that conceptualized Action 70% Amazon does not trust the governor, all in just seven months management. This only confirms that I do not preach in the desert ", said Rep.

Barreto also commented that the current governor does not face the state's problems, mainly health. "I do not remember a government in the Amazon that has such a negative marker as the current management. Those 70% reflect that the governor does not face the everyday problems, a state that charges for population health solutions that is in chaos. The governor behaves like a Forrest Gump, story teller, because it acts like a statesman. A government that can not buy dipirona, buy a glove, has failed to comply 1,4% of his promises. The government seven months is already disapproved by public opinion. This is worrying", points out Wilker.

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