Parliamentary Group discusses proposals to boost the economy of the Amazon municipalities

The state has four SEZs created by the Federal government 2012, But today the areas in need of regulation to bring economic development to municipalities that comprise.
11/08/2019 12h11 - Updated 12/08/2019 14h48

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The Parliamentary Front in Defense of the National Congress held yesterday Amazon (Friday-09) its first public hearing in Manaus. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss solutions to problems that hinder the development of areas known as Ecological-Economic Zones (ZEEs).

The Amazon has four SEZs created by the Federal government 2012, But today the areas in need of regulation to bring economic development to municipalities that comprise.

Divided by regions, the Amazon EEZs represent the gutters of the Purus, Madeira, Lower Amazon and the metropolitan region of Manaus. Municipalities that pertentem these regions should receive incentives from federal and state governments to boost their economic activities, But the SEZs are stalled, pending regulatory.

The president of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Amazon, Deputy Delegate Pablo, He explains that the federal government recently announced that it will regulate the activities of SEZs, including those that exist in the Amazon.

"We are close to unlocking the operation of SEZs. This means that a number of economic activities that are not receiving incentive may benefit soon ", Pablo explained.

At the public hearing held in Manaus, several government agencies and state secretary of the Environment (Schema), Agricultural Development Institute and Amazon forest (Execution) and Mineral Resources Research Company (CPRM), among others, They discussed the importance of regulation of SEZs.

The meeting also was attended by several Amazonian interior municipalities, who reported their difficulties to develop the economy of the municipalities without violating environmental laws.

The vice mayor of Apuí, Marcos Lise, He said that respect the environment is the obligation of all managers, But local governments are hamstrung to attract new investments.

"Today, a tree is more important than a family of workers within the Amazon ", He criticized the deputy mayor. "We need to unlock the excess of rules that prevent the development of municipalities and, in this way, lead a dignified life to man's inner ", he defended.

Another problem identified by the meeting participants was over protected areas in the Amazon. Second or delegate Pablo, on the last day of the former president Dilma Roussef government were created several environmental conservation units in the Amazon.

O problem, second Pablo, It is that the units were created without hearing the municipalities nor the people who live in areas. "Now, local governments are asking that these areas be revised or to open a discussion with the communities living in these areas ", said Pablo.

A report on the discussions and proposals obtained at the public hearing will be forward next week to the presidency and the ministries of the Environment and Infrastructure.

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