Gilmar Mendes praises Bolsonaro for determining changes in command of COAF, IRS and PF

O ministro negou que tenha havido pressão da corte para que o presidente promovesse essas mudanças.
23/08/2019 15h12 - Updated 23/08/2019 18h53

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The attempt to change the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF) to the Ministry of Justice was part of a "political project" in an eventual exploitation of the body, and President Jair Bolsonaro makes a storage brake by interfering with the structure and the appointment of this joint committee and other institutions, as the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue, said Minister Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF).

"The COAF had to have stayed where he was, it was the Ministry of Economy, had been working well. The move to the Ministry of Justice was part of a political project and perhaps a desire to instrumentalization ", Mendes said in an exclusive interview with Reuters in his office, on Thursday night (22).

"I do not know if it was already taking place or not, but the head of COAF (Roberto Leonel, former auditor Revenue) He was the one who was providing tools Revenue in Curitiba according to these data that are there, most likely this should already be taking place ", he added.

Asked how would the political project, Mendes said: "Having access to information leaks and eventually it, blackmail people. It gives an immense political power to those who have control of it. "

The minister said it had "no doubt" that it was already taking place about him and his family -in February reported that a fiscal analysis of the revenue would point practices alleged crimes attributed to him and his wife, guiomar Feitosa.

"When appears (Delta,) Dalagnol talking it was investigating the Toffoli in Revenue, it is obvious that it was ", the minister said, referring to the leaked messages that are supposed to be the coordinator of the Task Force Lava Jet.

"My question in relation to revenue was not why did Revenue, but who sent? That's what was happening, so much so that the tax working the first report, the pre-report, I was providing services to Lava Jet, Calicute, in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, mixed stations ", he argued.

"And why me and Toffoli? Why, according to their criteria, votávamos against the interests they defended. Therefore, actually, He adopted a police-model, but fortunately commanded by 'Tabajara organizations' ", he added.

"When this starts to be done, it approaches criminal organizations ", He criticized the minister, to amend what he saw as danger in the direction that was taking Coaf. "And this guy (Leonel) He had been promoted, out of Curitiba and coming (to Brasilia). Suppose he replicate these practices in Coaf, too it would probably be used for these purposes which was not reasonable. "

for Mendes, the leak of alleged messages from today Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Sergio Moro, then judge the Lava Jet in Curitiba, of Dallagnoll and other prosecutors had a "positive".

"It took all pause for reflection, one mea culpa because there was this enthusiasm almost childlike that led these people perhaps delirious ", said.

Main critical of the methods of Lava jet in Supreme, Mendes Bolsonaro praised the initiative in determining exchanges in charge of COAF, Revenue and PF target of strong criticism in recent weeks- and denied that there has been pressure to cut the president promoted these changes.

Asked if the president was doing a kind of storage brake in these organs, Mendes agreed: "I have a feeling it is."

"It is natural that, at any moment, the political system called attention and react about it. The jet wash had become a kind of Trinity: she investigated, she thought, she condemned, it was the law. And Brazil is a very complex country. Who had this illusion is a bit simplistic or naive. You can not think that will stifle the institutions for a long time ", highlighted.

For the Minister of STF, autonomy led to these "bizarre partnerships" and won organs such independence "began to think of self-management". he stressed, However, that does not exist.

Mendes rejected the criticism that the interference Bolsonaro these organs would open the way to suppress investigations that might hit him or those close to him.

"There's no way the president determine the delegate who send an inquiry for him, there would be improper supervision. Here there is judicial oversight ", said.

"There are positive aspects of this institutionalization of this autonomy. And negatives, Bolsonaro perhaps the government has given a reality check with these elements ", he stressed.

Mendes also defended the prerogative of the president to choose a name for Attorney General of the Republic out of the triple list prepared by the Association of Prosecutors. He said that this was done during the Fernando Henrique Cardoso -from which did part- and the PT governments President, to choose from the list only, "Resigned from any control".

“(O presidente) He lost the power of choice and has been selected by association. in the back, it became a major union. The Attorney General (Rodrigo) Janot was nothing more -pelas jurídicas- qualities, It was chosen because it was former president of the association and it has to do with the serious deinstitutionalization that occurred ", He criticized.

The minister said there is no way the president, even with a possible choice out of the three-name list, prevent investigations against people Bolsonaro and family nearby.

"No, because the institution has all its autonomy. If state Attorney General, will the attorney general. It is a system of 'checks and balances' ", he said, citing that first instance prosecutors can act, in certain cases, about government actions.

Mendes welcomed the approval by Congress of the abuse of authority bill, another target of criticism and which is in Bolsonaro table to decide whether sanctions or vetoes. Although it has not been addressing in detail about the latest version of the proposal, he said he had to do "something like that".

"Not only for prosecutors and judges, but for delegates, cops, guard the corner, we are all the time faced with excesses of parliamentarians CPIs, all who exercise this kind of power ", said.

"I see this campaign a bit complaint as loss of a symbolic power, We were sovereign and we are leaving to be so. Why, a rigor, who will apply, offer denunciation whether there is abuse of authority and the prosecutor who will decide is the judge. Why distrust of colleague? It seems even contradictory ", completed.

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