Amazon governors seek international support to combat deforestation

No stop, for example, the government signed an agreement with a German bank to finance actions to combat illegal logging.
14/08/2019 12h46 - Updated 14/08/2019 14h12

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Amazon state governors are seeking partnerships with international donors to combat deforestation. The uncertainty on the Amazon Fund - created in 2008 to finance projects to reduce deforestation - caused the states with the highest deforestation rates began to negotiate directly with international donors. No stop, for example, the government signed an agreement with a German bank to finance actions to combat illegal logging.

The governor hélder barbalho (MDB) He said the state will receive 12,5 millions of euros, about R $ 60 millions, for the creation of forest monitoring centers in five regions of the state. The mobilization comes after the federal government paralyzed the actions of the Amazon Fund, financing prevention and combating deforestation, supports sustainable use of forest projects with funds coming from donations - most of Norway (93,8%) and Germany (5,7%). G1 survey revealed today that the fund is paralyzed, since no project was approved by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) for funding this year.

”The state monitoring systems accuse a sharp increase in deforestation in Pará territory as well as in the Amazon. Funding fits those who wish to help and collaborate, without this can be interpreted as an international intervention”, said Barbalho.

The Amazon also has partnerships with Germany and began negotiating with the French government. “I'm talking to other countries that have an interest, mainly Europeans, to invest in projects in the Amazon. And it's important to look at the Amazon not only the preservation of view, but it is also important to look and this is more important, It is the citizen who're in the Amazon. There's no way you preserve the Amazon with poverty”, said Governor Wilson Miranda Lima (PSC).

But the governor of Mato Grosso, Mauro Mendes (THE), He said he received representatives of three European countries. And he defended the decentralization of resources from the Amazon Fund. “Management can be done directly by the states if it is established a partnership of international organizations or countries. We want them to pass on more and they desire that we preserve more. We are willing to comply with the laws of that country”, said Mendes.

Amazon Fund has not approved any project 2019
G1 survey revealed today that the fund is paralyzed, since no project was approved by (BNDES) for funding this year. In the same period last year, four had been approved. Ten years ago, the fund has benefited over 162 thousand producers and allowed the realization of almost 700 environmental inspection operations.

in May, Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, He said he intended to change the rules of the fund and make a fine tooth comb in contracts. But so far the ministry did not say whether there is evidence of irregularities. Salles also wondered using part of the fund to compensate landowners who would be within protected areas, or what, environmentalists, encourages grabbing and increased deforestation.

The proposed changes have caused reactions of the main donors. no Saturday (10), the German government decided to suspend the financing of R $ 150 millions. According to the Minister of the German Environment, Bolsonaro the government policy leaves no doubt about the commitment to combat deforestation.

not Sunday (11), President Jair Bolsonaro said that Brazil does not need that money and, in this Monday (12), German minister defends his country to continue supporting the preservation of the Amazon, but "without getting giving money" if the indices show an increase in deforestation.

Paralysis since February and R $ 350 millions stopped
NGOs report that the paralysis of the Amazon Fund began in February, when BNDES employees reported that technical analysis of new projects would be halted for it to be made a “repents-up” we previous contracts, the request of the Minister Salles.

Besides that, BNDES informed the G1 there 54 projects in technical analysis today. Some of them were approved in two calls completed in 2018, but not yet contracted, causing apprehension among the selected organizations. They are at least R $ 350 millions stopped, they should be designed to increase productivity of farmers and vegetation recovery programs.

Another fund stagnating clue is the interruption of the activities of the Amazon Fund Steering Committee (withdraws). Responsible for establishing criteria for application of resources to each biennium, the board has not met since November 2018, although there is legal provision for meetings occur twice a year. There were also defined the guidelines and criteria that determine how funds should be employed in 2019 e 2020.

Source: G1

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