José Ricardo keeps voting against pension reform and says that deputies who celebrated approval were purchased

Federal Amazonas bench in the House was just the PT voted against.
08/08/2019 14h58 - Updated 9/08/2019 13h33

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The House of Representatives approved the basic text of the pension reform in 2nd round early on Wednesday (7). The score of the vote was 370 favorable votes in 124 against and one abstention. For the measure to be approved, They took at least 308 votes. Regarding the vote in 1st round, the government had 9 votes unless. The text will go to the Senate after the completion of the vote of the highlights.

The eight members of the federal bench in the House of Amazonas, They kept the votes in the first round including PT José Ricardo which again was opposed the proposal. Marcelo Ramos (PAGE), Atila Lins (PP), Bosco Saraiva (SOLIDARITY) Captain Alberto Neto (PRB), delegate Pablo (PAGE), Silas House (PRB) and Sidney Milk (PSD) voted for.

Jose Ricardo, who writes for weekly column that takes its name from a local portal, said the publication of Thursday (8) who voted with the people and accused his parliamentary colleagues who voted for the reform to be 'bought'.

“Many MPs and MPs celebrated what they did, even because Bolsonaro promised to release R $ 40 million each. Were purchased. Stay with workers and voted in favor of the population. I voted against this cruelty that the government Bolsonaro to do with the Brazilian people”, stated.

Read Full text of José Ricardo HERE

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