Macron supported project which provided deforestation of thousands of hectares over 120 protected species

The concern of the French president seems to be very selective, manifesting only when political opponents are being fried by environmental problems.
23/08/2019 12h56 - Updated 24/08/2019 18h24

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French President Emmanuel Macron which was in social networks on Thursday (22) require a discussion at the G7 on the fires in the Amazon and make accusations against the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of the Environment, Ricado Salles, It has supported a mining project in French Guiana called Montagne d'Or (Gold Mountain) Deforestation potential with 1513 hectares.

The project generated friction between environmentalists, indigenous, government officials, local politicians, the population and the mining group of Russian-Canadian capital CMO, explorers mine, located in primary forest area of ​​the Amazon.

The gold extracted would be used in the manufacture of computers, mobile phones and other equipment for the aviation industry and French space.

Today in France that mostra, in 12 years, 85 tons of gold could be removed from the Gold Mountain. But this estimate was challenged by the French Minister of the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, which considered the project overestimated, including in relation to job creation.

The minister's opposition contrasted with the assessment of Emmanuel Macron, We saw advantages to the local population and therefore launched the public debate.

Charge against Bolsonaro
Macron Bolsonaro accuses of having "lied’ on weather or not G20 Osaka, and France opposes the EU-Mercosur agreement, according to statements of the Elysee Palace. In reference to the Amazon he said on Twitter that “Our house is burning”.

Bolsonaro accused his French colleague to have “a colonial mentality” and want “instrumentalize” the theme “for personal political gain”.

The French president is using the crisis in the Amazon to relaunch its mandate.

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