In Lula management fires in the Amazon were worse, says Ambassador of Brazil in France

Diplomat said that the press did not blame the PT because he was 'darling'. He left has not admitted losing the elections in Brazil.
24/08/2019 17h27 - Updated 25/08/2019 13h02

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In an interview with a program on French TV France 24, Brazil's ambassador in France, Luis Fernando Serra, He said that the mandate of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was much more serious fires in the Amazon, but no one reported it, why “Lula is darling of the press”.

"I need to say something very important: in 2005, the same thing happened, by the way, worse. You can go to the archives to see, but President Lula was, darling of the press, so no one was spreading what was happening in the forest. Nobody said it was the fault of Lula ", he said.

According to him, people either blamed former US President Barack Obama by the fires in California.

Asked by a journalist if current responses to fires in the Amazon was only one thing the press, Serra said: "Clear, [Bolsonaro] defeated the left with 58 million voters who were against Lula and his party. But the left does not admit to lose elections in Brazil ".

Serra also said that the foreign press is trying to end the reputation of Brazil and President Jair Bolsonaro abroad because the country is very competitive in agriculture.

The Foreign Ministry evaluates calling the Brazilian ambassador for consultations in Brasilia, gesture that would show the dissatisfaction of Bolsonaro government with the statements of French President, Emmanuel Macron, considered offensive.

In the interview in English, He said the ambassador did not believe that the agreement between the EU and Mercosur will be undone, because Europe is divided: "We have on one side France and Ireland, e, from another, the Germany, who wants to ratify the agreement ".

This Thursday (22), Macron convened, through social networks, the member countries of the G7 to discuss the number of fires in the Amazon rainforest. French President classified the fire as criminals and part of an international crisis.

"Our burning house. Literally. The Amazon, the lungs of our planet, that produces 20% our oxygen, is on fire", said the French president in the publication.

He played with the text a photo of the woods on fire that has at least 15 years, which he led the Brazilian president to accuse him of being 'sensational'.

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