"The world will not tolerate bad governance of the Amazon ', says Mayor Arthur in event on climate in Bahia

The Mayor of Manaus warned about the risks, including diplomatic and military, the largest tropical rainforest.
23/08/2019 14h47 - Updated 23/08/2019 19h41

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Recognized as one of the greatest defenders of the Amazon region, the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, It was featured on Friday, 23/8, during the panel with Climate Week mayors of Latin America and the Caribbean, What happens in Salvador, in Bahia. "The world will not tolerate bad governance on Amazon and it is no use just saying that it is our. Not because she's my I have a duty to destroy it, but the obligation to preserve it ", said Arthur, which was given a standing ovation by the audience, to warn of the risks, including diplomatic and military, the largest tropical rainforest.

In this ocasion, the mayor of Manaus also announced the Forum of Cities Amazon, which will take place in September, in the capital of Amazonas.

In addition to extensive knowledge about the importance of the Amazon to the country's development and climate issues on the planet, Virgil centralized speech at the international concern over the Amazon. "Denying global warming is not smart", he said, explaining that forests are the main mitigating the harm of this phenomenon.

Acclaimed, Arthur Neto warned and repeated: "Mining in indigenous lands not", adding that "if we have the goose that lays the golden eggs, we can not play with it. The Amazon is a great enriching agent in the country ", he defended.

According to the mayor of Manaus, "Brazil is 'cross-eyed' to the Amazon", He lamented. For him, the country needs to realize that the Amazon is the last possible economic development of border. "The Muslims will, at least, once a year to Mecca. And Brazilians should go, at least, once the Amazon ", compared Virgil, who was accompanied by First Lady Elisabeth Valeiko Ribeiro.

"The great evil of Brazil is that each 100 Brazilian economists, 110 They never set foot in the Amazon ", said Mayor Arthur Neto, repeating a line he heard the professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Márcio Holland, in defense of the Manaus Free Zone as an economic model that supports the maintenance of the standing forest. "The first recommendation I would make to the federal government is not to mess with the Industrial Pole of Manaus summer or an increase of hungry people of the forest", He noted.

Returning to the question of the environment, the mayor said that there is no good economy without good practice in environmental policy and that you can not justify a mistake made in the past, by countries like Germany and Norway, what happens now in Brazil. "We have only one way, which is exploring the Amazon with sustainability ", warned, stressing that it involves investment and an awareness on the part of government research agencies in the region.

Host of the event and panel mediator, Mayor Salvador, Antonio Carlos Peixoto de Magalhaes Neto, known as ACM Neto, He said that the speech of the mayor of Manaus was very timely. "It was the most timely that could happen this morning. Of course, as host, I could not stop talking about it. It is not because these countries have erred in the past that we have the right to make mistakes in this. The Amazon is the world heritage. Is that you, Arthur, not alone. You leave here with the support of people who are prepared to defend the Amazon ", concluded.

Forum of Cities Amazon
Also during the event, which is prior to the Parties of the UN Climate Convention Conference, a COP25, scheduled to take place in Santiago, no Chile, in December, Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto also announced the Forum of Cities Amazon, to be held in Manaus in days 5 e 6 of September.

The event will bring together mayors and city managers of the Brazilian Amazon, representatives of academia and partner institutions and invited, well as civil society to discuss issues related to regional cooperation, human development and economy in a context of sustainability in the region.

With the happening of an event of this size in the Amazon, COP-25 eve, the proposal is to build an Amazon Manifesto to discuss the ways of sustainable development in the region, integrating stakeholders at national and international level, through a stronger coordination mechanism.

Virgil suggested the mayors an audience with the President of the Republic, that he may hear the local rulers on the subject. "He needs to hear warnings, he was democratically elected and need to hear applause and criticism. My impression is that we need to be proactive about it, always open, unafraid to say what we should do ", finished.

About the event
The Climate Week brought together government authorities in cities in Brazil and Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as representatives of 93 countries to provide a common space for discussion, alignments and political positioning. The goal was to strengthen the regional engagement of cities and towns and cities with the governments of their own countries, before COP25.

Besides Arthur, also attended the event Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto, Mayor Salvador, Jonas Donizetti, Mayor of Campinas, Bruno Covas, mayor of São Paulo, Rafael Greca de Macedo Valdomiro, Mayor of Curitiba, Lisa Morris-Julian, Mayor of Arima, city ​​of Trinidad and Tobago and Geraldo Julio de Recife.

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