Guided by defense, Lula is silent testimony during the 64th stage of Operation Lava Jet

Lula said to the chief of Lava Jet “I have provided many testimonials” and that “wants to talk”.
23/08/2019 15h20 - Updated 23/08/2019 15h20

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The delegate Philip Hille Pace, Federal Police in Curitiba, tried to hear former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the investigation clears banker Andre Esteves corruption in business, BTG Pactual's, with Petrobras. The PT said it would follow the advice of its defenders and remain silent.

The Federal Police unleashed, on the morning of Friday the 64th phase of Operation Lava Jet, Repent denominada, to investigate alleged crimes of corruption involving BTG Pactual and Petrobras in the pre-salt exploration and “in asset divestment project” in Africa. Among the targets of the operation are the former president of the state, Graça Foster, and bank executive, André Esteves.

The testimony on 5 March was attached in the application for the search Pentiti. Pace says that Lula is not being indicted in the investigation, but the facts are being determined.

In denunciation of the former minister Antonio Palocci, which helped to base investigations, the former president is quoted. According to the enterprise, the alleged crimes may have caused damage of at least $ 1,5 billion, which would amount to approximately R $ 6 billion today.

Lula said to the chief of Lava Jet “I have provided many testimonials” and that “wants to talk”.

“Want to talk, live and recorded, It is all I want in life. It's every opportunity that I want. But following the guidance of lawyer, regarding the decision in the case in the Supreme Court, I then today will not answer to the lawyer say 'look, Go to the clash '.”

according to Lula, lies are the claims made against him.

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