PF will investigate 'hacker attacks’ the internal systems of the Ministry of Education

Prouni e Fies são os principais alvos da suposta sabotagem. Os dois serviços estão intermitentes desde a última segunda-feira (5).
08/08/2019 11h33 - Updated 8/08/2019 13h07

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The Federal Police (PF) It is investigating services tampering evidence and internal systems of the Ministry of Education. The minister Abraham Weintraub announced today (8), news conference, the paste has suffered cyber attacks a few weeks ago and that this has harmed some products offered by Internet portal.

"We are not accusing anyone, but there are strong indications of sabotage that led us to trigger the Federal Police. It is not our role to investigate ", explicou Weintraub. According to him, the population will not be hindered by attacks. "Any service that is suspended will have expanded term", assured.

The University for All Program (ProUni) and the Student Financing Fund (Fies) They are the most affected by the problem. According to experts from the Ministry, both services are intermittent since last Monday (5). Another affected product is the Presence System, used to pay the benefits of Bolsa Família. The MEC also detected impairments in the main folder of the business system, known as Simec.

According to the team folder, technicians are working to restore all working soon, but there is no deadline for that service are fully normalized.

Security Force
This week has been authorized to use the presence of the National Public Security Force in the vicinity of the building which houses the Ministry of Education – L Block the Esplanade of Ministries – in the days 7, 12 e 13 of August.

According to the text published in the Official Gazette, the term of the support may also be extended if the MEC deems necessary and submit an official request.

in May, the same safety margin was secured to the ministry to prevent structural damage to the student protests at the end of the public universities of contingency funds. no period, the National Union of Students (A) announced demonstrations in at least 150 cities.

During the press conference, Abraham Weintraub was asked about possible resource cuts to some areas served by folder. He reiterated that there will be cuts but contingency funds. The measure means budget lock for a period to ensure the balance of accounts.

"We are managing a crisis situation established by the previous government", he said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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