Pliny Valerio argues CPI Lava Toga and rebate president of the Senate: “It does not depend only”

Davi Alcolumbre, disse em entrevista a Veja que não vai “atender à vontade de meia dúzia”.
23/08/2019 15h50 - Updated 23/08/2019 19h46

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Senator Pliny Valerius (PSDB), It is reportedly in favor of CPI Lava Toga, Whatever the Senate investigate the action of the Supreme Court (STF), and is collecting signatures for the opening of the Commission. He countered the speech of the President of the Congress, Davi Alcolumbre, in an interview to discuss CPI See that lets you embarrassed.

“Staff House, gazetted and highly qualified, assessed that these requests are unconstitutional. I who will take this forward? I will not do it, I will not attend half a dozen will. Impeachment proceedings will not help Brazil. I'm embarrassed to be discussing the impeachment of a minister of the Supreme or even installing a CPI while Brazilians are thinking about employment and food. I will not be taken by the movement to paralyze Brazil to please some”, said Alcolumbre.

According to Pliny the decision is not only in the hands of the President of Congress. "That [the creation of the CPI] it does not depend only. As far as I know, David is not given to these raptures. Let's talk to him ", countered the Amazon senator.

Pliny Valerian is one of the 25 that they have signed the third application to install the CPI - missing two signatures for the application to be filed.

See interview in which he talks about supporting Lava Toga:

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