Civil and police seize IRS 37 kg of marijuana skunk type of vessels coming from inside the AM

The illicit merchandise is valued at approximately R $ 190 thousand and was hidden in flour bags and suitcase.
22/08/2019 18h32 - Updated 22/08/2019 18h32

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In the early hours of Thursday (22/08), around 4am, police officers of the Department for Research on Narcotics (Denarc), coordinated by the delegate, Paul Mavignier, director of the police unit, in joint action with the Police Fluvial (Deflu) and IRS agents, triggered operation in the river area of ​​Manaus, which resulted in the seizure of 37 kilos of cannabis skunk type. The illicit substance was found in two vessels coming from two cities in the state.

According to the police, the police officers were approaching boats in the river area of ​​Manaus, in order to prevent the arrival of drugs in the city. In this ocasion, two vessels were covered, a coming Tefé, distant 523 kilometers straight from the capital, and another coming Jutaí, distant city 751 kilometers straight from Manaus.

"We made the boat approach before the vessel arrived at the port. During searches, We had the help of sniffer dogs IRS, or K9, Odin and Focus. The first vessel was coming from Tefé, It was found about nine kilograms of marijuana skunk type, inside an abandoned suitcase on deck. No second ship, coming from Jutaí, were found 28 kilos of the same illicit substance, that was hidden in flour sacks in the basement of the vessel ", He explained the director of Denarc.

according Mavignier, investigations continue to identify suppliers, carriers and who would receive the drug in Manaus. The illicit merchandise is valued at approximately R $ 190 one thousand. Also according to the delegate, the support of the police in the crowded Deflu, and sniffer dogs IRS, They were crucial to seizures of illicit materials.

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