Seduc says it will collaborate with MPC in investigation into irregularities in million dollar contract with the company Dantas Transportation

According to the Secretariat a new process for school transport bidding is underway.
24/08/2019 17h09 - Updated 25/08/2019 13h02

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In a statement sent to the press on Saturday (24/08) the State Department of Education (Seduc-AM) He said it will cooperate with the prosecution Accounts (MPC) process to investigate contract of approximately R $ 50 millions of school transport company Transport Dantas with the State.

In testimony to the prosecutor the business owner said it was forced to pay a 'mensalinho’ the politicians.

Also according to the department a new bidding process to perform the service in the state is already underway.

Read the statement in full:
The State Department of Education (Seduc-AM) informs that has full interest in collaborating with the control bodies and ascertain and identify any irregularities in the implementation of paragraph contract 10/2019, on the provision of school transport service, punctuated by accounts of prosecutors (MPC). Also reports that is already underway the process to conduct bidding for the service in the capital and in the State.

The Seduc clarifies, still, that prior to the manifestation of MPC, no last day 7 of August, Secretary of State of Education, Luiz Castro, by paragraph memo 38/2019, determined the creation of an inquiry commission within the secretariat to investigate complaints already received by the agency. The commission was established by Executive Assistant Secretary for Management Seduc AM-six members who were due to establish the facts.

The Seduc-AM highlights, still, that next week plans to have access to the information to determine MPC, remedy and punish those responsible for any irregularities in the provision of service. Besides that, It is noteworthy, the company has already received punishment for failure was detected in service delivery have been glossed R $ 4,7 million last payment made. The glosses made in July correspond to the contractual payment for the months of March, April, June and July, as can be seen in the portal of Transparency, and in August will be held disallowance for the months of May and August.

The process of No 15475/2019 It led to the reduction in value, since it does not fulfill the contract that provided for the 90 days which was extended for another 90 days. The Seduc-AM in reduced 5,0997% o valor a ser pago para a empresa por constatar a contratação de somente 1.291 professionals to act as monitors. The basic project included the hiring 1.487.

bids - To replace the emergency hires made earlier this year not to harm the school year, of which Dantas Transport Ltda part, the Seduc-AM has already sent 11 bidding processes for the Prior Information Commission (CGL). The process 24388/2018, which deals with the provision of services for school transport, It had to be adjusted due to a change in the system with the separation of eight lots, four of land and four river. The changes were necessary as it was observed the need to hire companies that operate with excellence in both modes.

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