Wilson Lima highlights actions against environmental crimes and measures to attract investment to the Amazon

In Sao Paulo, governor gave interviews on the subject to GloboNews, Estadão and BandNews.
24/08/2019 15h39 - Updated 24/08/2019 15h58

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The governor Wilson Lima highlighted the actions taken by the State in fighting fires, in an interview with Globo News,this Friday (23/08), in Sao Paulo. "There are measures that need to be taken to contain the fires and the other side we have a reality that is undeniable, which is a significant increase in fires ", he said.

Wilson Lima explained that the Amazon has been doing a survey about what caused the increase in fires. "We are doing a survey about what happened and who are primarily responsible for this increase and this preliminary survey shows that there is an indication that these fires are being made at the beginning, naturally, the dry season as happens every year, for cattle ranching and logging. There are also, to some degree, the issue of real estate speculation and are, So, conjugated factors that facilitate this action ", evaluated.

During a interview, which lasted eleven minutes, the governor said the international repercussions around the fires in the Amazon.

"It is necessary that we start to differentiate. There is indeed an exaggeration in relation to propagating the international media to what is happening in the Amazon. I have seen several demonstrations of influential people, artists, Personality, people who talk of what is sometimes not known and very contradictory positions of what is reality in the Amazon ", said the governor.

Land regularization – The governor of Amazonas also made clear that one of the great Amazonian problems is the lack of land tenure.

"Another problem that is also great in the state of Amazonas is regarding regularization which makes it difficult to control bodies as Sema, Ipaam, the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection, restrain those who are causing this damage to the environment ", he explained.

He also stressed the importance of establishing an institutional partnership between the governors of the Amazon and the Federal Government. The Amazon, for example, It has strengthened actions to combat illegal deforestation and forest fires.

"It's a concern that we are having it is that we do not have a team to prevent and combat ace active fires throughout the year. In early August we also decreed emergency situation already witnessing this growth trend in the number of fires. We set, inclusive, a task force.

Wilson Lima argued that the international repercussions can not bring harm, on the contrary, is the time to join forces in forest protection.

environmental asset - In an interview with BandNews, in Sao Paulo, on Thursday night (22/08), Wilson Lima stressed that the Multi-Year Plan (PPA) that the Government of the Amazon is building for 2020-2023 It is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and Agenda 2030 UN Organizations and, that is why, is priority the development of economic activities from the Amazon environmental asset.

"We are building our PPA, along with our Calendar 20/30, that is a married schedule with the National Program of Sustainable Development Goals, the ONU. We are establishing our infrastructure projects to develop our biodiversity and give visibility to what we have in the Amazon, responsibly. We have many possibilities and what we're trying to create is now in ways we can monetize what has environmental assets ", He stressed the governor of Amazonas.

Wilson Lima also said that the State Government has been working on the regulations of the Environmental Services Law, provided that stood 2016, so it can be made to open a market for environmental services, mainly, carbon credits, since the forest has a large carbon stock potential.

"We have an Environmental Services Act, we regulate, and we are moving in the study of a bold proposal, but necessary, which is the creation of a Stock Exchange of Environmental Assets ", he said, emphasizing that, thus, the state can negotiate environmental assets with investors from all over the world.

Wilson said Lima, during a interview, that the Government of United in talks with countries that are interested in investing in Amazonas, which has the largest forest area between the states of the Brazilian Amazon. He highlighted the investments of the German bank KFW on environmental projects in the state.

"We are seeking partnership with other countries that have an interest in making this contribution in the Amazon, taking into account and having the concern that these funds should be invested in the Amazon to ensure sustainable development. And the development is sustainable only when it has the tripod: economic, social and environmental. The citizen, forest dweller, Amazon dweller has to come first. This rather must be preserved ", he stressed.

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