Wilson Lima says situation of burning in the Amazon is everyone's responsibility

According to the governor is a responsibility that must be assumed by everyone and no use that time to blame anyone.
23/08/2019 19h32 - Updated 23/08/2019 19h32

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The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, he defended today, in an interview with TV Estadão, in Sao Paulo, that the fruits of international cooperation agreements resources must be aligned to public policies for the Amazon region and the specific actions. He said, still, it is necessary to deepen the discussions on the Amazon Fund, to finding a consensus way for this investment, as important to the preservation of natural resources of the region, is not lost.

"No use to invest in specific situations, we have to attack the base, for example, the issue of land tenure is perhaps the biggest problem of the Amazon. Today there are areas burning I do not have to blame anyone for I am not a definitive title of the land, we do not know who owns it. Sometimes there is doubt whether that is an area of ​​environmental preservation or not and we need to move in this direction ", said the governor.

Wilson Lima stressed that it is necessary to deepen the discussion on the Amazon Fund and see how the state governments of the region can deal with international cooperation agreements.

"No Amazon, we have a partnership with KFW, a German bank, made directly with the State. But the moment we have a definition of the Amazon Fund, we will discuss this drawing, inclusive, with the owners of that money, Norway and Germany, for they intended these resources to the Amazon, whether it directly with the governors, through a consortium, if you would create a fund, You will have to draw it there. Remembering that we need these resources rather, Norway, Germany and other countries that want to invest in the Amazon ", highlighted.

The governor said the state of Amazonas has done its part, with regard to fighting fires and illegal logging in the region. "We have a permanent staff control, so we started to identify the first heat spots, at the beginning of August, I determined state of emergency, already glimpsing the possibility of increased fires and set up a task force to work in conjunction with Ibama, with local governments and some organs of the State, as Secretary for the Environment, Ipaam, which is our supervisory body, and the Environmental Police ".

Wilson Lima highlighted, still, new technologies that have helped identify responsible for illegal burning. "We also launched the monitoring system geospatial, where you can identify these outbreaks of fire up to satellite images 10 meters high, marrying other information and monitoring to identify the person responsible for that area and who would be burning that area and blaming. We have already started sending notifications, providing for fines, inclusive, prisons ", said the governor.

Responsibility of all - In addition to the effort made by the Government of Amazonas, Wilson Lima warned that the current situation of burning in the Amazon is everyone's responsibility. "I'm not exempt anyone from responsibility. The responsibility is mine, It is the president, of organized civil society. Everyone has responsibility for it. And it is a responsibility that must be assumed by everyone and no use that time to blame anyone. What have to do is take action, take action to solve the problem. It is we send a very strong message to people who insist on making these fires in the Amazon. Send this message to the world how much we are concerned about the preservation of our natural resources. Not forgetting that those who need to be preserved within this whole process, and people forget that, It is the citizen who lives the Amazon ", He noted.

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