Child crashes in pogo stick and gets spiked spring back

While playing on a pogo stick, he was hit in the back by one of the toy springs, which burst and got stuck on his back.
06/09/2019 09h54 - Updated 6/09/2019 13h37

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O adolescente Jamie Quilan, from 12 years, He suffered an accident while playing on a trampoline (first). He was hit by one of the toy springs, which burst and got stuck on his back. The case happened on Sunday (01/09), in the city of Sheffield, no UK. Information provided by Fox News.

According to website information, the boy was in a friend's house when the accident happened. Spring tension force was such that, to burst, the object crossed the boy's shirt and lodged in his back, missing by centimeters your spine.

After the incident, Jamie was referred to the Children's Hospital in Sheffield, where he underwent surgery for removal. The young man said he felt a strange sense of weight when the spring hit. “On occasion, I still feel as if she were on my back, but I'm feeling good and happy to have been nothing worse”.

Thousands of accidents with this type of toy are registered in the country every year, according to data from North American Commission on Product Safety. Children under six years of age are more likely to get hurt and the most common injuries are neck, back and concussions.

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