Ronaldinho signs deal to restore passport

The former was ordered to pay more than R $ 8,5 million for environmental crime in Porto Alegre.
12/09/2019 14h23 - Updated 12/09/2019 14h23

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The former player Ronaldinho, who was with the passport seized by the Justice, can make international travel again. An agreement with the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul signed in audience on Wednesday (11) allow it to recover the document.

Ronaldinho was ordered to pay more than R $ 8,5 million for environmental crime in Porto Alegre. Without serving the sentence, was retained with the passport. The passport has become even more important because the former player was named, by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), as Ambassador of Tourism. The appointment had taken place even without the document that allows foreign travel.

Terms of the agreement are not public in the court system because the process runs secret of Justice.
“What I can say is that the parties have reached an agreement which was approved by the judge. The object of the agreement was not the passport, but, sim, a fine environment”, said Sergio Queiroz, lawyer of former player.

On Monday (2), Minister Rosa Weber to, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, He had denied the request made by Ronaldinho and his brother so that their documents were released.

Among the activities as Ambassador of Tourism provided by the federal government, is creating a reality show, called “King Rolê”. Ronaldinho viralizou on social networks with the fame of “Random Roles”, for appearing in photos with different personalities in unexpected places.

The conviction of former player is 2018, motivated by the construction in protected area in Lake Guaiba, in the capital gaucho. “The subjects responsible for squandering the environment are to dodge long-standing compliance with its legal obligations, even though they held means to avoid it and are public people, high purchasing power, with conditions to offset the environmental damage that remain fully defaulted”, wrote Judge Newton Fabricio, the decision.

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