Sixty kilos slimmer, Mouhamad Moustafa says he has not adapted to the food of the prison and asks external power

The businessman said that the food in prison "reached the limit of the unbearable" and he can not eat a diet that is offered.
07/09/2019 16h08 - Updated 8/09/2019 13h16

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The doctor and businessman, Muhammad Mustafa, appointed as leader of the criminal organization that looked millionaires resources of the Amazon Health investigated in Operation Maus Paths, this 60 kilos slimmer and said in testimony before the federal judge Ana Paula Serizawa, Mouhamad that has not adapted to the food offered at the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM), where he has been imprisoned since December 2018.

According to the power manager in prison "unbearable limit reached", he can not eat a diet that is offered on the spot and asked to receive external power, benefit that was banned in the prison unit.

Mouhamad said the only food served in the prison he consumes is bread which he complements with water in order to survive. When he was allowed his family took bread and fruit.

"I tried the only two types of diets that have there in prison, which is the normal diet and the patient. I was unable to adapt, I threw up several times ", He told the doctor who also reported that if you continue to eat the food served at CDPM at risk of picking up highly deadly diseases like reflux esophagitis and esophageal cancer.

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