Wagner Moura says Bolsonaro is an asshole authorizing barbarism

According to the actor several of the president's supporters the attack by social networks.
03/09/2019 15h15 - Updated 3/09/2019 15h15

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Red carpet in Venice, the actor Wagner Moura, showed sharp tongue when referring to the then newly appointed president Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE).

According to the actor, every time manifests against President, several of his supporters the attack by social networks. “They say they will kill me all the time. I gave an interview in Australia and said he was afraid to return to Brazil, but I was misunderstood. Is that the following: Brazil is a country where you have a president authorizing barbarism. His existence is a tacit authorization for all that is bad”, said Moura.

“When someone threatens me is because it feels authorized, even if not by law, but the nation's leading position. It empowers people in their mediocrity, in its intellectual and human malnutrition”, completed.

With the same argument, the actor also blamed the president for the deforestation of the Amazon. “Why are burning the Amazon now? Because it has a president who is a fool who gives tacit permission to deforestation, for the murder of indigenous, for slaughter in the slums, for destruction of culture. I've never seen in my life, or at the time of the military, there was a destructive as now”, he said.

Moura lamented the hostility of Bolsonaro with certain kind of cultural production in Brazil is not in line with the moral values ​​of the president. “More people [artists and art] It will never end. It can give a strong blow, not only in the movies, but culture in general, but it will not end it. I see that, in times of dystopia, reacting the culture. Therefore he wants to end the culture: it is the first manifestation of reaction to the brutality and authoritarianism”.

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