Absorption nursing technical advances in the second week, over 2,2 thousand contractors

The service runs until this Friday, at the time of 8h to 17h.
14/01/2020 08h16 - Updated 14/01/2020 16h03

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The task force for the direct recruitment of nursing technicians, held by the State, It has served more than 4 thousand people between day 8 January and Monday (13/01), in the Amazon Convention Center Vasco Vasques. Of this total, 2.245 professionals who meet the criteria were contracts and are already crowded in the units in which they operated by subcontractors. The processes registrations, involving hired contracts and those in legal analysis, add up 3,1 one thousand.

More of 800 processes are being analyzed by the legal sector. The others did not come to generate process because they are not working for any company in unity of the state. Balance is the Management Integrated Unit (UGI), which concentrates all agencies involved in contracting. other organs servers were also assigned to support the task force, especially in the legal area, to assess the processes that follow for analysis.

altogether, 213 servers are acting on the task force, being that 178 seven organs are directly involved in the hiring process. In addition to the State Health Department (Sesame), participating servers of Staff, Sell, State Administration Secretary (Sead), of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), Amazonastur, in addition to Bradesco bank employees. Others 11 state agencies also have servers in support.

The service runs until this Friday (17/01), at the time of 8h to 17h. Who correspond to the main criterion, it is to have worked until the month of December for some of subcontractors, already out of Vasco Vasques with the contract and its duty of scale in the unit which will act.

This is the case Artidônio Soares nursing technician. "I came on the first day, only gave conflict in my bank account. I decided to come today and to finish, because it was quieter, It was very quick ", said professional, which operates in the Hospital and Emergency Room Plato Araújo and Hospital and Emergency Room of the East Zone Child.

The Gerlane nursing technical dos Santos, working in outsourced company for almost five years, expects to hiring wages not delay more. "Since 2015 is this fight we will tracing back our rights to have at least a living wage every month ", he said.

The main focus of attention in the coming days will be the analysis of the processes that were for the legal industry and depend on proof of requirements for hiring. They were called legal advisors of various departments to enhance and streamline the document review.

payment – According to the report of UGI, starting this week will be effective the registration in the system of human resources for the payment of wages of new hires nursing technicians are already made in the January sheet, beyond the payment together with other servers.

Review of contracts – Alongside the recruitment of nursing technicians, a UGI, Susam and the State Attorney General (Intoxicated-general) They are analyzing the contracts of companies that will suffer termination.

"Followed to this, communication should take place to the unnecessary business continuity of the provision of service and, when necessary, carry out the acts necessary for the termination ", He informed the coordinator of UGI, Rodrigo dos Santos, the balance report.

hiring - The nursing technicians need to send to Vasco Vasques on time out of their shifts. The contract will be Special Regime Temporary (RIGHT). The basis for the measure is the Law 2.607/2000 and its amendments adopted by the Legislative Assembly in December 2019. The law provides for the hiring of personnel for a specified time to meet the temporary need of exceptional public interest.

The list of documents and the registration form for hiring can be found on the site Susam (www.saude.am.gov.br).
The units also disseminate the information among workers.

reordering - The direct contracting begins the gradual process of reducing outsourced labor services in health and also follows the reordering logic of Human Resources board of the agency, passing through a re-registration made by the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) with all servers.

The measure will bring important gains, including savings to the State, by reducing 30% in personnel expenses; higher salary for professionals, with receipt days; and providing a better service to the population.

The duty now paid by companies is, average, R $ 107, some coming to pay less than R $ 100. The duty to be paid by the State Government will be $ 132,40.

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