Accused of killing man clubbed by debt of R $ 150 Sentenced to six years in prison

in testimony, ele alegou que havia emprestado dinheiro à vítima e no dia do crime foi cobrar a dívida.
14/01/2020 15h27 - Updated 15/01/2020 12h49

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Rogelson Silva Birth was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison in semi-open regime by the jury on Monday afternoon (13) the murder of a beating Leonardo Monteiro de Almeida. The crime occurred on the afternoon of 18 March 2018, por volta the 17h, in Primrose Street, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East Zone of Manaus. The motivation for the crime was a debt of R $ 150 that the victim had with the defendant.

The trial session was presided over by the judge Romulo Garcia Barros Silva, 3rd jury Stick, Minister of Henoch Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, Area south of the capital.

The defendant had the attorney Amanda Oliveira Lopes, to defense, while the Amazonas State Public Prosecutor was represented by the district attorney Marcia Cristina de Oliveira Lima. Rogelson Silva Birth was answering the process in freedom and fulfill the sentence imposed by the courts in semi-open regime.

The crime
According to the police inquiry (IP) which led to the termination of the Public Ministry (MPE-AM), no dia 18 March 2018, por volta the 17h, street Primrose, Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, East Zone of Manaus, Leonardo Almeida Monteiro was drunk, sitting on a public road, Rogelson when attacked, unleashing several blows to her head. The victim died on the spot.

in testimony, Rogelson claimed that had lent R $ 150 the victim and on the crime was collect the debt, but Leonardo Monteiro was drunk and went to aggression. According to him, to defend himself with a leg limps, He struck three blows against Leonardo.

On Tuesday (14), 3rd jury stick will hold two sessions of trials. In the first case, Paulo Vitor Ferreira Santana goes to jury the offense of aggravated homicide against Jony Kings Bridges. This session will be chaired by the judge Romulo Garcia Barros Silva. In the second case, which will have the session chaired by the judge Adonaid Tavares Abrantes, Emerson Santos Lima goes to jury the offense of aggravated homicide against Frednilson Souza Ribeiro.

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