Amazon beats target with 5 thousand signatures in favor of the creation of the party Bolsonaro, Alliance For Brazil

Organizadores do 1º Encontro Amazonense de Apoiadores do Aliança Pelo Brasil, afirmaram que o número superou as expectativas para um dia.
25/01/2020 19h50 - Updated 26/01/2020 13h51

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Os apoiadores do presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro lotaram, in this Saturday (25), o auditório da Assembleia Legislativa do Amazonas (hazard) e conseguiram 5 thousand signatures in favor of the creation of the Alliance For Brazil. Os números correspondem a fichas que assinadas e entregues à cartórios eleitorais.

De acordo com um dos organizadores da coleta, Paulo Popović, idealizador do Movimento Advogados Pró-Bolsonaro Brasil, o número superou as expectativas para um dia.

Nós alcançamos a nossa meta, actually, ela foi superada com a coleta de cinco mil assinaturas. It is already marked in the history of the Amazon. Congratulations to supporters , the right movements that have joined the invitation of President Bolsonaro, who also understood the message of Deputy Joshua Neto and Colonel Menezes. We analyze and understand that it is time for marriage, unit for helping President Bolsonaro. Brazil is above all, God above all and Selva in the Une ", he said.

Lucy Barreto lawyer, Women Movement Conservative Amazon explains for those who can not go on Saturday can still support the creation of the party. "If you could not attend the event which took place on 25 from January. You do not need to be sad. You can see the Alliance website in Brazil and make your apoiamento there. President Jair Bolsonaro gave us this mission, and given mission is mission accomplished. Let us together fight for the best of our country ", he said.

Among the supporters even had a namesake of the president. Deilson Bolsonaro, 43, It came from Roraima to support the creation of the party. "I came to provide support to the Alliance for Brazil, the deputy invitation Joshua Neto. We are Alliance for Brazil and we want a better Brazil and so we will always fight for it ", said.

Valderina Rock, 64, Juruá, He said he supports the Alliance For Brazil because it believes in change and in the development of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro can provide to the Amazon.

National goal
The goal for the acronym in training is to achieve 492.015 registrations, amount needed to create 1 match, by the end of January 2020, when the legal returns recess. From there, cabe that TSE (Superior Electoral Court) examining the request for creating the legend. For the party to run in elections 2020, the process must be approved by early April, 6 months before the election.

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