Clinic to meet transgender, transvestites and lesbians is deployed at the Polyclinic Codajás

O espaço é resultado de uma parceria entre a UEA e a Susam.
14/01/2020 16h33 - Updated 14/01/2020 16h33

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Before going through gender transition, in nursing technique Sthephanny Sampaio, 42, He did not feel comfortable with the body and much less with the name given by parents in the civil registry. Given this fact, she thought, inclusive, who had split personality. To help her solve this conflict and the various doubts about the true identity, a doctor led to the Sexual Diversity and Gender Clinic – process for transsexuals, specializing in humanized care for transgender people, transvestites and lesbians.

Deployed in the Polyclinic Codajás, in the south of Manaus, space is the result of a partnership between the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and the Secretary of State of Amazonas Health (Sesame). Coordinated by professors of UEA Darya Neves and Denison Aguiar, the project is part of Fight Network program to Lesbophobia, Homophobia, Biphobia and transphobia (LGBTfobia) “+” (Propaz-UEA).

"The clinic is the result, initially, the efforts of law and medicine courses, aimed at guaranteeing the right to health transgender, transvestites and lesbians, beyond the institutionalization and enable the clinic ", he explained Aguiar.

Also according to Professor, the initiative has national and international implications, which led to new partnerships with leading institutions, as the Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), Illinois University, Foundation Amazonas State Oncology Control Center (FCecon), Amazonas State prosecutors (MPE-AM). The clinic was also starring in several projects of the Scientific Initiation Program of UEA approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the University.

"We take this project to the medical residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology, UEA, for medical training in compliance with trans population - hormone therapy. This union between law and medicine provided because the dialogue with social movements LGBT ", emphasized the teacher Darya.

After years looking for answers about the true identity, Sthephanny found in Sexual Diversity and Gender Clinic – Transsexuals process the opportunity of a new life.

"I was not satisfied even in the transition period, while I was taking female hormones. The clinic came in feeling to help me with directions on tests, Suitable hormones and in so many other situations. How do I feel today? I am woman ", user reported.

Fully realized and complete with new life gained after the transition, Yuri Cavalcante, 27, now helps and guides others to the clinic so they can have the same joy of living, without any discrimination, freedom of sexual reassignment.

"Before starting hormone treatment feel incomplete, but when performed the mastectomy certainly happiness was higher. The clinic was essential when, over time, I was noticing physical changes, but I was already working internally for a long time, because I believe that spiritual growth is always rewarding. Today, help others find the same way ", said Yuri.

The Polyclinic Codajás is located on the avenue Codajás, No 26, Cachoeirinha neighborhood, and is open Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 17h.

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