After negative repercussions, Senator Randolfe put video on the AM but does not apologize for having called "nail box"

In the images he just thanked his supporters in the State.
13/01/2020 15h27 - Updated 14/01/2020 12h26

Photo: Jane de Araújo/Agência Senado

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Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), released video of the Amazon in their social networks after being burned in the state he called "nail box" attack the presenter, Sikera Jr, Amazon Alert program aired by TV Criticism in released audio on social networks Sikera own. However, no apologies.

"This citizen who comes her nail box, who sent those messages, who posted what posted on video, there amazonian, It is a militant militia digital. It is an articulated villain in a television program. It is a crook! bandit, bandit, It is a crook. That is spreading lies ", said the parliamentary audio.

In the images he just thanked his supporters in the state solidarity to what it called “cowardly attack, unfair and liar” who says he has suffered from Jr Sikera.

see video:

Jair Messiah Bolsonaro

Senator DPVAT talks on video and thickens even maisFinalmente Harry Potter Amapá, Senator fine speech or Senator DPVAT, Randolfe Rodrigues commented in video posted on social networks. And no he accomplished the feat to further complicate! He called again the presenter Sikera jr thug. It's very expensive to even stick! Watch and give good face laughter this guy.

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Understand the case
The presenter made a comment in your program against the new authority abuse law passed last year by the House of Representatives and entered into force on Friday (3) it is put 45 public officials ducts in Brazil. Then Randolfe recorded audio explaining that the law was first proposed by him at the request of prosecutors working in Lava-jet operation and then there was a complete change of design.

"The project was originally mine was modified by the replacement senator Roberto Requiao and then, in time to vote in the project I voted against ", said the politician also said that there is a gang trying to destroy the truth.

Sikera Jr also countered this argument used by political and showed project image that says its author is Randolfe Rodrigues.

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Abuse of authority

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Listen to the audio of Senator:

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Abuse of authority.

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