Bolsonaro studying trade name Bolsa Família program and rework

O intuito do governo é fazer verificações sobre aquelas pessoas que não mereçam participar do programa.
08/01/2020 19h24 - Updated 8/01/2020 19h24

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Agency Brazil

The federal government is in early studies to reshape the Bolsa Familia program, as reported today (8) the spokesman of the Presidency, Otavio Rego Barros. details of the proposal were presented to the President Jair Bolsonaro on the afternoon of Wednesday, at a meeting at the Presidential Palace with the participation of the Civil House Chief Minister, Onyx Lorenzoni, and members of the Ministry of Citizenship, Portfolio with responsibility for managing the program.

“It's a beautiful program, which aims to recover some aspects that were left behind in welfare programs of past government, privileging merit, figuring out possibilities of these people program, from which they evolve as a citizen”, Rego Barros told a news conference.

The spokesman also confirmed to the Agency Brazil that the change of name of the Bolsa Família is being analyzed. “It is one of the proposals, but not yet closed. It seems [Yes]”.

Commenting on the meeting which discussed the proposal to recast with Bolsonaro, the spokesman pointed out that were presented “enough depth studies”, but there is no deadline for the new program is made public.

Rego Barros also said that the new program aims to "improve the old Bolsa Família, in order to make checks on those people who do not deserve to participate, the program use criteria meritocratic, that advances toward the people of younger age and advance in effective management for those in need”.

Created 2003, Bolsa Família is an income transfer program of the federal government, under certain conditions, which aims to combat extreme poverty in the country.

currently, the benefit is provided to more than 13 million families living in extreme poverty, with per capita income of up to R $ 89 monthly, and poverty, with income between R $ 89,01 and R $ 178 monthly per member. The average benefit paid to each family is $ 189,21. In 2020, the Union budget provides for R $ 29,5 billion is paid in benefits of Bolsa Família.

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