PCC chief complains of prison food and lose 15 kg within two months

He and other inmates complain of rice and chicken stew served almost every day.
28/01/2020 15h11 - Updated 28/01/2020 15h11

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Appointed as head of one of the largest criminal organizations in the country, Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, the Marcola, I was unhappy with the prison food. Marcola, as well as other internal, They complain about the lack of variety on the menu of the Federal Prison of Brasilia. The information was disclosed by Aline Ribeiro column, Season review.

There is 10 months in federal prison, Marcola lost 15 kg since arriving in prison. He and other inmates complain of rice and chicken stew served almost every day, second column learns.

Camacho appeared to be pale after being recorded in photographs, which showed his visit to a hospital in the federal capital. The head of the PCC was taken to the health facility under tight security. The aim was to carry out medical examinations, request made by his defense.

Marcola have been subjected to a colonoscopy to investigate infection in the gut region. The hypothesis of a cancer would have been rejected. Other members would also have lost weight, one is the younger brother of Camacho, which would have lost 20 kg.

currently 52 years, Marcola was in Porto Velho Penitentiary, Rondônia. The leader of the faction was transferred to Brasilia in March of last year. Before that, he was in the maximum security prison Wenceslas President, in the interior, which performed a treatment for ulcer.

In Brasilia, the detainee receives weekly visits family, without physical contact. Marcola was troubled with the isolation in prison.

The National Penitentiary Department (Depen), neither confirmed nor ruled out the possibility of disease Marcola. The agency said in a statement that, according to the Code of Medical Ethics, "The confidentiality of health information is both the patient's right and duty of the professional".

Also according to the Depen, the food served in federal penitentiaries is provided based on essential nutritional values ​​for an average man. The feeding of prisoners is done by specialized companies, who enter into contracts with the federal prisons.

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