Sentenced for drug trafficking, fellow niece 'Ze Roberto from Lacks' is stuck in Dom Pedro

During the action, the police officers seized him, a pickup truck, model S10, white plates and PHU-7A40.
14/01/2020 16h41 - Updated 15/01/2020 12h49

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The research team of the Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO), under the delegated command Sinval Barroso, director of the police unit, met early on Tuesday (14/01), por volta the 9:30, preventive arrest warrant, in sentencing reason conviction for drug trafficking, on behalf of Gilly Cleuson de Souza Costa, 33, Niece fellow drug trafficker Jose Roberto Fernandes Barbosa, the "Zé Roberto da compensates".

As the police authority, man is companion Vanessa Fernandes Soriano, Niece "Ze Roberto da compensates", who has been arrested by the teams in DRCO 16 September 2019. according to Barroso, the teams found that there was an outstanding arrest warrant on behalf of the individual and initiated investigations to locate and arrest the offender.

"We found that the individual had been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison for drug trafficking occurred in 2008. All this time, he was in unknown locations. Therefore, started investigations to comply with court order. Earlier on Tuesday (14/01), we achieved the arrest of the offender ", said Barroso.

The delegate reported that the arrest of the individual occurred in a house situated on the platter of Juremas, set Kíssia, Dom Pedro neighborhood, midwestern town. The preventive arrest warrant on behalf of Gilly Cleuson was issued on 13 June 2012, by Judge Lydia de Abreu Carvalho Fleet, the 1st Court Specializing in Crimes of Use and Trafficking of Drugs (Vecute).

During the action, police seized civilians with Gilly, a pickup truck, model S10, white plates and PHU-7A40.

Gilly Cleuson was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison, closed system, for drug trafficking. At the end of procedures applicable in DRCO, it will be sent to custody hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, area south of Manaus.

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