Child is hospitalized after being raped by her cousin own 14 years in Tefé

A bebê teve os órgãos dilacerados durante a ação.
23/01/2020 12h37 - Updated 23/01/2020 19h40

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A teenager, from 14 years, He was apprehended accused of raping his own cousin a year. The case occurred in the city Tefé ( distant 522 km from the capital of Amazonas). the suspect, He confessed to have committed other rapes.

The miscreant states that abused the press while his grandmother was sleeping and asked him to take care of the baby who was also sleeping in a hammock in another room in the house, Then he took the child's diaper and raped her with his fingers tearing the internal organs. When the child cried, he ran to his mother's house and said another boy had done the abuse girl.

With the arrival of the police, the boy told the truth and also said he was abused when younger.

The child is hospitalized and did some surgery to rebuild the organs injured.

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