Delegate trigger MP after apology for bestiality in the BBB 20

He demonstrated revolt with a conversation between Mari Gonzalez and Felipe on zoophilia.
27/01/2020 12h18 - Updated 27/01/2020 12h18

The delegate and state representative Bruno Lima showed revolt with a conversation between Mari Gonzalez and Felipe on zoophilia this afternoon, and he said he will file a representation of the prosecutors on the case. The brothers commented normalization practice, which is a crime, in some parts of Brazil, Mari and caused controversy by saying “for us is abnormal, but for many people it is not. And okay also want to eat an animal person, okay”.

In a statement, Bruno Lima said it will take legal action immediately, and stressed that it is not possible to normalize a crime of such magnitude. “On this sad episode in the BBB, in which two people swap stories about zoophilia, our team is now studying the legal action to see what we can do to not be only in theory. We will probably make a representation to the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro.

Zoophilia is crime, it is not normal. I wanted to see them making a rescue of an animal that was raped and say that is normal”, He lamented. The lawyer is known to the public as a champion of the causes of the animals, and filed a representation in the MP in the case of the bunch.

Source: Half an hour

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