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Hospital de São José do Rio Preto deve receber duas crianças amazonenses já na próxima semana.
14/01/2020 17h03 - Updated 14/01/2020 17h03

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The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, signed, on Tuesday (14/01), an MoU for partnership with the Children's Hospital and Maternity (HCM) Sao Jose do Rio Preto, in São Paulo, for performing surgeries on children with congenital heart disease Amazonas State. The hospital is a reference in pediatric surgery in the country.

"We're doing a redesign process in healthcare Amazonas State. We are here in a hospital that is a national reference and what we are looking for are institutions like this. They are models that have worked and that has positive results, so that we can also deploy these systems in the State of Amazonas ", said the governor.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the government of Amazonas and Regional Medical School Foundation (Funfarme), responsible for the Children's Hospital and Maternity São José do Rio Preto, It is for immediate referral of children Amazonas to Sao Paulo health unit.

"From next week we already sends two children and then we will evaluate, because there is a protocol issues that need to be met both in Manaus as here ", He stressed the governor. Wilson Lima stressed that the intention is to perform, average, two surgeries a week in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, without that routine surgical procedures Hospital Francisca Mendes is interrupted.

Accompanied by Amazon health secretary, Rodrigo Tobias, and cardiologist and clinical director of the Hospital Francisca Mendes, Mariano Terrazas, the governor met the National Service of Pediatric Cardiology and met with the hospital board.

"In practice we are talking at least 20 days, and on-site visit is so that we can know the structure where our children will be amazonenses, along with their mothers, Treatment via Outside Living ", Amazon said the health secretary, Rodrigo Tobias.

The head of the welfare of the Amazon Health Department, Maria Mazzarello, also visited the hospital and the home support that will house the families of children.

surgeries - Performing cardiac surgery Treatment Outside of Domicile (TFD), program that pays for travel and per diem for patients undergoing medical treatment outside the State, It is one of the measures adopted by the Government of Amazonas to reduce the waiting time for children with heart disease who are waiting for surgery.

After completing the upgrade process tests and medical evaluation, what's going on since last week at the Hospital Francisca Mendes, the first children will be able to travel. We will respect the criteria of patients who are no longer on the waiting list for surgery and with better clinical status for the trip. They were selected for assessment and examinations 20 children waiting list, that fall under the defined criteria.

"As Francisca Mendes increase its operational capacity, it will probably unnecessary and it will all be done in the Amazon. The trend is that Francisca Mendes and the state meet this demand of the whole region ", noted terraces.

About HCM - With an eight-story structure, plus ground floor and basement, with an installed capacity of 180 beds, the Children's Hospital and Maternity São José do Rio Preto occupies an area of 18 thousand square meters and includes one of the largest hospital complex in the State of São Paulo, gathering, also, the Black River Base Hospital, the Specialties Clinic, the Cancer Institute, Rio Preto Blood Center and the unity of the Rehabilitation Institute Lucy Montoro.

Like the Black River Base Hospital, the Board of Funfarme points out that HCM is a reference in Brazil in assistance, teaching and research. The unit provides humane care and moder
technology to patients.

"We have provided this service for several states in the country and is suitable seeing interest, also, State of Amazonas to solve your problem. I realized the good intention of the governor ", said the executive director of the School Regional Medical Foundation (Funfarme) Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Jorge Fares.

The Children's Hospital and Maternity São José do Rio Preto has treated over 4 cardiac thousand children from all over Brazil, including states of the North region, as Rondônia and Tocantins.

"Our intention today is, this first moment, meet the Amazonas State children, helping to reduce the queue and be able to make this educational partnership and if we can, somehow, collaborate so that they continue developing it is what we are proposing. It is important to know that each 120 children born, one will have heart trouble. So a service like ours, That operates 450 surgeries per year, will only exist to operate children from various regions ", stressed Ulisses Alexandre Croti, pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, head of the cardiac and pediatric surgery service foundation.

international Foundation - The Children's Hospital and Maternity São José do Rio Preto has partnered with the foundation Children's HeartLink, specializes in treating children with heart disease. The foundation trains local medical teams in the countries in which it operates, allowing children to be treated in their own country.

Annually over 170 thousand children are served in specialized units in which the institution operates. The Children's HeartLink partners with 16 hospitals, hosted, besides Brazil, in China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Agenda - This Wednesday (15/01), Wilson Lima goes to the São Paulo capital, where you meet the Hospital of the Heart Institute of the FMUSP, highly complex hospital, specialist in cardiology, pulmonary and cardiac and thoracic surgery.

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