Understand the true story of IPI reduction concentrates on ZFM

political figures, as Omar Aziz and Pauderney, which were omitted the decree made by Temer in 2018 They want to shift the blame for Bolsonaro.
20/01/2020 14h55 - Updated 21/01/2020 13h05

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Decree 9394/2018, former President Michel Temer (MDB), reduced the rate of the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI), by the concentrates of the Manaus Free Zone (ZFM) from 20% for 4%. The federal bench of the Amazon at the time barked, as always playing to the crowd. Senator Omar Aziz did little and indicated the former Congressman Pauderney Avelino (THE), until then alinhadíssimo with the Federal Government, to address the issue. At the time the deadpan Superintendent Suframa, Appio Tolentino, Also nominated for the position by Omar, even should have been consulted in case, at least, there is no apparent records of any manifestation in this sense your.

A new decree was issued in September 2018, No. 9514, raising the rate of IPI 4% for 12% from January 1, 2019 by June 2019. From July to December 2019, the rate would be 8% and prior to the reduction 4% from 01.01.2020.

"The measure is palliative, transfers the problem to the next president and does not provide guarantees for the Polo concentrates ZFM. He gave a 'bombonzinho' to the Amazon bench ", said state Rep Serafim Correa, in season.

Omar Aziz and Pauderney Avelino, alinhadíssimos with Temer, They celebrated the victory, which actually represents a defeat, because the rate that was 20% It was reduced to 12% for a time, and not told the truth to the people.

Today the same political characters that were omitted in the defense of concentrated polo by the then President Temer, They want to transfer responsibility to the President Bolsonaro, that is yes, ensuring, through technical studies Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa), Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness (Sepec) and Brazilian Association of Soft Drink Industries and non Alcoholic Beverages (ABIR) the comparative advantages of this segment to make a commitment to increase the rate of current 4% for 8%.

The government of Amazonas, It is currently being driven by Omar, Pauderney Avelino and Congressman Marcelo Ramos (PL) as advisors, It has fallen in Vicar tale, does not adopt, because of these influences merely political, proper posture to address the state's problems, simplesmente não interage com a Suframa para buscar embasamento técnico e unir forças para poder discutir os problemas inerentes a Zona Franca de Manaus com fundamento, prefere ficar pensando nas próximas eleições para a prefeitura e alimentando as aspirações meramente pessoais desse trio, que tem apenas prejudicado o estado e semeado a discórdia entre os poderes.

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