"I'll let the law much more rigid", says Alberto Neto on custody hearings

O deputado ficou responsável por criar novas diretrizes para a realização das audiências de custódia. The procedure is adopted for caught in the act.
15/01/2020 09h10 - Updated 15/01/2020 15h53

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Resuming the datebook in Manaus, Congressman Captain Alberto Neto (Republicans / AM) He gave an interview to a portal site on the morning of Monday (13), where he spoke on various topics relating to the first year in office and the release of her name to dispute the Manaus City Hall.

In a brief overview on the topics that guided the policy last year, parliamentary approval highlighted the Anti-Crime Package, authored by the Federal Government, in which, under review, some important points were subtracted during the National Congress.

"In my view Congress took measures that could be important in the fight against drug trafficking in the country. An example of this was the proposal to remove the direct progression of punishment for inmates who were members of criminal gangs ", he explained.

Anti-Crime package

Alberto Neto took the opportunity to speak of the changes projected by the Anti-Crime package across the country that should be reflected in the Amazon as the creation of judge of guarantees. "Justice of the Amazon need to make tender, will burden the state, finally are many issues to adapt to new law, that is why, Minister Sergio Moro was positioned against, but this is not a fight between him and why our president, as the left wanted to sell ", said the parliamentary.

Another issue addressed by the deputy was the progress of the new Code of Criminal Procedure. Alberto Neto integrates the special committee analyzing the measure in the House of Representatives and was responsible for creating new guidelines for carrying out the custody hearings. The procedure is adopted for caught in the act.

"There was a policeman who was brutally murdered. Police arrested the killers and they went out at the hearing by the front door. Are things that society does not understand. We are working so that cases like this happen again. I'll leave the more rigid law ", he emphasized.

elections 2020

Asked about his possible participation in the elections to Manaus Prefecture, Alberto Neto said he has made no movement in favor of the pre application, but stressed that it is available to the people.

"I feel very honored. In Search Spot appeared in fourth place. I had no intention of playing in a city because it's my first term. But the Amazon is too lacking in leadership and how we have done a great job in Brasilia, it drew attention of the population, saw that has an option on the right to rule Manaus ", concluded.

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