Former deputy who tattooed Temer name Ximbinha accused of assaulting singer in front of her own daughter

Segundo ele a mulher está “traumatizada e machucada” porque foi “torturada e agredida na frente da própria filha”.
15/01/2020 14h28 - Updated 16/01/2020 10h35

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The guitarist of the band Calypso, Ximbinha, from 45 years, He was charged with assaulting the singer Carla Maués, former lead singer of his band, Cabaret Brega, by former Congressman Wladimir Costa (Solidarity), He made famous by the tattoo made and erased the name of former President Michel Temer (MDB) in 2017. The complaint was made during a live of 28 minutes and 31 seconds of the political held on Tuesday (14), profile on Facebook.

According to the complaint of former parliamentary, which is said to friend Carla, the singer is “traumatized and bruised” because it was “tortured and beaten in front of his daughter”.

“Carla has not spoken to the press. She came to me because she is very traumatized and bruised. It needs a protective measure. The threats against her continue. Husbands and mothers' it are afflicted. She was tortured and beaten in front of his daughter, her bum! You beat Carla inside the studio Dedê. Everybody knows, in front of the Adilson Moreno. Inside the studio. It is the girl, a Carla, I was with her girl, Clarinha, who calls me uncle, his sleazy! What do you have against women, way? Vai you try, friend! You're a psychopath. fifth victim, with Joelma woman, He reported at the police station”, Wlad said in indignant tone. He said, still, Carla will give an interview on the case soon.

Five days ago, the singer announced his resignation cabaret of Brega by a note on Instagram: “In respect to my fans and people who enjoy my work and accompanying, I hereby report that I, Carla Maués, DO NOT make more of the cast of artists of the project 'Cabaret of Brega'. Following a solo career, doing what they love to do: PRA SING YOU!”, she informed, without saying the reason for his departure from the band.

The Ximbinha's press office released a statement and said it will take all legal measures against former deputy, classified in the note as 'counter baseless stories'.

“Regarding the video posted by singer retired from bankrupt Banda Wlad in social networks, informamos que o Projeto Cabaré do Brega tomará todas as medidas judiciais cabíveis e processará o ‘contador de histórias infundadas’ and professor of abuser (as evidenced by the video below) Wladimir Costa by unsubstantiated allegations to the cabaret group Brega. He will be prosecuted for libel, defamation, injury, embarrassment, moral damage, loss business and threatens. All procedures in this direction are already being put in place. We took the opportunity to publicize the new singer Cabaret of Brega. It will be the Amapá Jessica Rodrigues, from 28 years, that will add his voice and talent to this successful project. The Jessica's debut will be next Saturday, day 18, at a concert in Maranhao and in the second, 20, she takes the stage in Para”, the statement said.

Watch Wlad to live denouncing the alleged assaults of Ximbinha:

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