awaiting government setting TCU for military hiring of booking and support the services in the INSS agencies

According Bolsonaro, the decree with the rules must be published this week.
23/01/2020 13h07 - Updated 23/01/2020 13h07

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The president said today Jair Bolsonaro (23) the government is awaiting an adjustment to the EU Court of Auditors (TCU) to authorize the hiring of reserve soldiers to reinforce the service at branches of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). According Bolsonaro, the decree with the rules must be published this week.

“I've already signed the decree. Yesterday I sent not publish. You are missing a small adjustment with the TCU. If the TCU give the green light, public with my signature. Otherwise, publishes tomorrow with the signing of [vice president, Hamilton] Mourao”, said Bolsonaro.

Last week, the government announced plans to temporarily hire about 7 thousand soldiers from the reserve to the INSS to reduce the stock of arrears in benefit claims. The expectation is that the backlog of cases fall to near zero by the end of September.

The hiring of the military will be voluntary, with no notice. They will be trained in February and March, should start working in jobs in April, receiving additional 30% the paid reservation.

according Bolsonaro, the measure is provided for in legislation and requires less paperwork than hiring civilians. "Why military reservation? Because the law guarantees. Hiring civilians, to send away… goes to court, labor law, complicates the business. Military is easy, I hire today and quit tomorrow without any problem, this is the ease. And the people are crying out for retirement. It is not privilege military, up because it is not calling, it's an invitation, is the facility that we have this kind of labor ", He explained the president.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the measure will cost R $ 14,5 million per month to the government, but the cost should be offset by the decrease of the inflation adjustment paid in benefits beyond the maximum term 45 days after application.

parallel, between 2,1 thousand and 2,5 thousand INSS employees working today in person service will be transferred to strengthen the analysis of the processes.

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