Government of Amazonas meets 1.290 nursing technicians in Vasco Vasques

Most fit on Wednesday is out with its stated capacity to take on their jobs.
09/01/2020 08h56 - Updated 9/01/2020 16h45

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The Government of Amazonas started, this Wednesday (08/01), direct hiring nursing technicians already working in the state health system through subcontractors. On the first day, 1.290 people attended the Convention Center Vasco Vaques. these, 938 they are able, that is, They attended the defined main criterion for immediate contraction, it is to be on duty range of units in December.

The others 352 are people who were not on the list made from the December shift of scale and being evaluated by the legal department of the State Department of Health (Sesame). The deadline for response is until the day 17 from January, when you end the hiring process. Even with this term, the system is organized so that all, fit and unfit, have same day response.

Most fit on Wednesday is out with its stated capacity to take on their jobs. From the direct hiring, approximately 3 thousand technicians come to fit in the scheme of state employees temporary state.

The service follows up day 17 from January, from 8h to 17h (except on Sunday, 12/01). To meet the demand, It has assembled a task force of the State, with various organs servers. The entire hiring process is being held at Vasco Vasques.

Even without agglomeration to meet, the queues began to form even on the evening of Tuesday (07/01). "This shows, indeed, a very strong desire of those who work, who have the dignity of their work, that the end of the month they can get. E, before all, the State Government, with great responsibility, set up a task force between the State Department of Health, Administration Secretary, Attorney General, as well as an advanced post Bradesco, where we give all the support and support ", said the holder of Health folder, Rodrigo Tobias.

Hiring is unique to outsourced workers already in the network. The workers will receive the State sheet, No delays. "They will leave here with Bradesco's account, with the contract in hand and will receive up to date. So for us it is reason to absorb them satisfaction, because it is a very important class to public health ", Tobias assessed.

The list of documents and the registration form for the procurement may be obtained from the State Department of Health website ( The units also disseminate the information among workers.

hiring - The nursing technicians will have to go to Vasco Vasques on time out of their shifts. The contract will be in Temporary Regime (RIGHT). The basis for the measure is the Law 2.607/2000 and its amendments adopted by the Legislative Assembly in December 2019. The law provides for the hiring of personnel for a specified time to meet the temporary need of exceptional public interest.

The professionals will be under periodic evaluation, and the renewal of their contracts will take into consideration the quality of services they provide. The assessment is done by the managers of the units in which they will act.

new time - The initiative to promote direct contracting was well received by category of nursing technicians. More than 15 years in, Francisca Araujo, which operates in the Hospital and Emergency Room 28 of August, It was the first professional to sign the contract with the State Government, on the morning of Wednesday.

"Vineyard always delaying payments, three, four months. Many colleagues spent six months. We lived under threat, if we were not working would be fired, and often we took money from our pocket to be able to hold our work ", said technical, who celebrated the new professional moment. "Firstly, I want to thank God, the governor helped us now, He embraced us.
I believe that from today we will receive on time by the State ".

Technical nursing Alessandro Carneiro, which operates in the Hospital Jorge Adriano, accumulated wage arrears in the months of November and December 2019, beyond the second installment of the thirteenth. He stresses the importance of professional development.

"I am very happy, because we fought so hard for this appreciation. Of course we want to be much more valued, because nursing technician is a professional who works even in hospitals. No technical nursing the hospital does not walk, nothing works, we are very important for health. And I felt humiliated, because we try to make the best, maximum of people to take care of our patients, is our craft, but we also have family, I live rented. It is a very difficult situation the person to work and not get ", he said.

reordering - The direct contracting begins the gradual process of reducing outsourced labor services in health and also follows the reordering logic of Human Resources board of the agency, passing through an ongoing re-registration made by the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) with all servers.

The measure will bring important gains, including savings to the State, by reducing 30% in personnel expenses; higher salary for professionals, with receipt days; and providing a better service to the population.

The duty now paid by companies is, average, R $ 107,00, some coming to pay less than R $ 100. The duty to be paid by the State Government will be $ 132,40.

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