Government reinforces assistance in direct hiring of nursing technicians

O destaque do segundo dia foi a rapidez nas contratações dos técnicos de enfermagem que já atuam na rede.
10/01/2020 10h05 - Updated 10/01/2020 16h21

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With the strengthening of more than 30 servers, the service of outsourced nursing technicians, this Thursday (09/01), gained faster. On this second day of direct hires, 1.326 professionals were received on the task force set up by the State Government, in the Amazon Convention Center Vasco Vasques. Thereby, already are 2.616 people served, of which 1.923 They are able to hire accomplished by having the main requirement, it was to be in the range of December.

In the second day, the outer row of care was reset around 14h. In triage sector, all who were waiting had been met before 17h.

The service continues to this day 17 from January, from 8h to 17h (except on Sunday, 12/01). To meet the demand, It has assembled a task force of the State, about 180 of various organs servers. The entire hiring process is being held at Vasco Vasques.

The 1.923 aptos, to this farm, already they came out with its stated capacity to assume their jobs. From the direct hiring, approximately 3 thousand technicians come to fit in the scheme of state employees temporary state. Hiring is unique to outsourced workers already in the network. The workers will receive the State sheet, No delays.

The list of documents and the registration form for the procurement may be obtained from the State Department of Health website ( The units also disseminate the information among workers.

hiring - The nursing technicians need to send to Vasco Vasques on time out of their shifts. The contract will be in Temporary Regime (RIGHT). The basis for the measure is the Law 2.607/2000 and its amendments adopted by the Legislative Assembly in December 2019. The law provides for the hiring of personnel for a specified time to meet the temporary need of exceptional public interest.

The new temporary servers Susam celebrated the direct hiring. The Sirlene Azevedo Gomes technique is out on Thursday with the capacity and scale that will meet in Hospital and Emergency Room Plato Araújo. With two daughters, temporary servant of Susam said that with the first paycheck received intend to buy school supplies daughters.

"Last year I could not buy the stuff of my daughters. All these years were very difficult years for us, because it has many years that we can not count on our salary, neither? But today all that has changed and I am very happy ", she said.

Legal - On Thursday, the legal sector of Susam assessed over 300 processes of nursing technicians who were not on the list made from the December duty range.

According to the legal sector, scales from November, October and December 2019 and January 2020 They are evaluated to determine if the technician is in the staff of the units. The measure was taken so that no discontinuance of service.

The technique Ana Maria da Silva, Hospital and Emergency Room 28 of August, the process had examined and granted in one day. "I liked having this check, because there is one thing that is cleaner, fairer, understood? I think more just to go through the legal. I'm very happy. I am very happy for my colleagues also who will get, as well as I could ", celebrated.

Ana Maria says that only one of the eight companies that worked, in the seven years of nursing, regularly paid wages. "In my opinion, the governor did something that many others who have should have done. Taking these companies, because it looks, I came often in hospitals and colleagues had no money to buy milk for their children ", remembered.
Maria José de Castro also had the process examined and granted in one day. Technical understood the assessment of the needs of the legal and praised the rapidity. "Today my name is there, I'm seeing that they really are analyzing, they are really wanting those who are on the scale, I understand they are doing justice ", said nursing technique.

reordering - The direct contracting begins the gradual process of reducing outsourced labor services in health and also follows the reordering logic of Human Resources board of the agency, passing through an ongoing re-registration made by the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) with all servers.

The measure will bring important gains, including savings to the State, by reducing 30% in personnel expenses; higher salary for professionals, with receipt days; and providing a better service to the population.

The duty now paid by companies is, average, R $ 107,00, some coming to pay less than R $ 100. The duty to be paid by the State Government will be $ 132,40.

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