Man advertises robbery but gives up after being ignored for victims; Watch the video

Unusual scene was spotted by security cameras.
16/01/2020 09h13 - Updated 16/01/2020 09h13

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It seems joke, but it happened and it was in St. John the Baptist's Glory (MG). A burglar gave up committing the crime in a supermarket after being ignored by the victims. The scene was caught by security cameras.

The images show when a man with a helmet entered the supermarket and announced the robbery. The market customers and employees do not understand very well and keep everything as if nothing had happened.

The assailant announces again the assault, but again, nothing happens. Ignored, He gives up and goes away. The image also shows that one of the customers even still having a beer.

The boy had his hand back as if he were armed. But, as no one responded to the attempt, he left without taking anything from the supermarket.

Another crime following

after that, according to police, the boy went to another supermarket in the same neighborhood and there he managed to take the cash box: R$ 330 and a cell.

According to the Military Police, he was not alone. Another man was waiting on a bike. Earlier the duo had also robbed a grocery store in Steps.

The PM already has information about the suspect, but so far, no one was arrested.

Source: G1

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