Man contracted severe infection nail biting and undergoes emergency surgery

The infection spread into the bloodstream of the patient.
27/01/2020 16h34 - Updated 27/01/2020 16h34

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A man was rushed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland, after contracting a serious infection. According to the Daily Mail, Steven MacDonald, 48 years, He left a wound on her left finger biting nails too.

The site points out that MacDonald was diagnosed with paronychia, a bacterial infection of the skin around the nail, which spread into the bloodstream.

The patient would have lost the finger case delayed a little longer to seek hospital. The bride it published the photos on Facebook, and he explained how it happened.

“Someone I know who bites his nails ended up being rushed to the infirmary today for emergency surgery, because there was much gnawed nails and picked up an infection on the finger”, these Karen Peat.

“This person went through two pharmacists in recent days that advised using magnesium sulfate and keep it covered, which further worsened”, She completed her friend.

according Peat, doctors at Glasgow Royal Infirmary said, if they had taken a little longer, infection could still spread to the arm.

MacDonald underwent surgery one hour and stayed four days under observation in hospital. “It taught me a great lesson: for any biter nail around, please, finger away from the teeth”, guided.

“I never had such a problem before, but it made me seriously between life and death”, completed.

Source: UOL

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