Man arrested for raping his own nephew of 11 years in Manacapuru

The boy's aunt saw him wiping the private parts in the kitchen of the house where they live and the questions it he revealed abuses.
13/01/2020 17h51 - Updated 14/01/2020 12h28

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A man of 39 years, He was arrested on the afternoon of Saturday (11/01), in Manacapuru, By sexually abusing his own nephew, a child 11 years. The crime took place in November 2018, that municipality, distant 68 kilometers straight from the capital.

As delegated Roberta Merly, holder of the police unit, at the crime time the aunt and the victim's sister observed that the child had been showing strange behavior and, in one of the times, Aunt saw the boy's private parts cleaning in the kitchen of the house where they live. according Merly, the woman called the boy to talk and he reported what had been sexually abused by own uncle.

"In view of the complaint, I ordered to report anal intercourse, which confirmed rape. Then, represented by the request for provisional arrest in the name of the offender. The court order was issued on 4 November 2019, by Judge Scarlet Braga Barbosa Viana, 2nd Criminal Court of Manacapuru County ", explained the owner of DEP.

According to the delegated, the police obtained the location of man and, steps taken during the afternoon of Saturday, They effected his arrest in a residence in Terra Preta neighborhood, in Manacapuru.

Referred to the building of the police unit, the individual has been indicted for rape vulnerable. At the end of the procedures applicable, the man will be kept at the police station lockup, which functions as prison unit in that municipality.

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