Old girl is arrested for abuse 7 years, Redemption in the neighborhood

A vítima é vizinha dele e na ocasião do crime, havia ido à sua casa para brincar com uma colega.
15/01/2020 17h52 - Updated 16/01/2020 10h37

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The old Valdemar Lopes Marin, 60, He was arrested at the scene on Tuesday (14/01) By sexually abusing a girl 7 years, on the night of Monday (13/01), the offender's home, located in Bishop Street Hebron, set Hiléia, district Redemption, district Midwest Manaus.

As the delegate Ivo Martins, holder of the 17th Integrated Police District (DIP), the steps surrounding the case began after the wife of the individual, an elderly 62 years, formalize the complaint in 17 ° DIP, stating that the man had sexually abused a girl 7 years, who lives near their house. At the time of the crime, the victim had gone to the couple's home to play with a colleague, his daughter, time the guy took the opportunity to commit the offense.

"The victim's mother had gone to work and left her daughter in their house, at which the girl went to the residence of fellow to play, where he was received by the father of this colleague. The man took the opportunity and took the victim to his room, which he committed the act. She was frightened by the situation and told the wife of the offender that he put her in bed, He passed his hand on her private parts and had made sexual gestures asking her to take on his sexual organ ", Martins explained.

The delegate pointed out that, after the woman formalize the police report (WILL), the team went to the residence of the offender, located on the street and the aforementioned neighborhood, where his prison was made.

Referred to 17 ° DIP, Valdemar was booked in flagrante by vulnerable rape. At the end of the procedures applicable in the police unit building, the man was taken into custody hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, south of the city.

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