Survey 'exchange of favors’ between Melo and NDF is filed

Segundo denúncia José Melo concederia “privilégios” aos membros da FDN encarcerados no Compaj em troca de apoio para sua reeleição.
14/01/2020 17h27 - Updated 15/01/2020 12h50

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The prosecutor of Justice, jussara Pordeus, responsible for 7th Prosecutor's 2nd Civil Chamber filed civil inquiry against the former governor impeached, Jose Melo, that apurava possible alliance between the political and the criminal faction North Family (FDN) to him with releição, approximately, 100 thousand votes in 2014. The decision was published in the Official Gazette of the State of Amazonas prosecutors (MPE-AM) Last Friday (10).

The statement of unity between Melo and the left faction, in season, Majority Coalition Renewal and Experience (CMRE). According to the complaint in exchange for supporting the then governor grant "privilege" to members of the NDF incarcerated in Penitentiary Complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj).

Jussara Pordeus who is also rapporteur of the survey said in the decision that there is sufficient evidence to say that Melo made according to the high summit of NDF and the attached audio conversation process that took place between the Secretary of Justice and the State of Amazonas Human Rights, Major Carliomar Barros Brandão, and the detainee José Roberto Fernandes Barbosa, the "Zé Roberto da compensates", Lider two FDN, not clearly show the request to support the former governor.

"What does the survey records (registered under the number 039.2017.000014), therefore, It is insufficient to prove that the reported (Jose Melo) He asked votes in exchange for granting benefits not allowed to prisoners, descaracterizando, consequently, practice act of administrative misconduct for violating the principles ", prosecutor says in document excerpt.

"From the analysis of dialogue, one can not conclude that there was an explicit request by Mr vote. Caliomar Brandão, in view of the re-election of the state governor ", she added.

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