Registration for the Sisu will close on Sunday

Candidatos devem se inscrever pela página do participante.
26/01/2020 08h19 - Updated 26/01/2020 08h19

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Registration for the Selection System Unified (content) end on Sunday at 23:59. The final registration date would be on Friday (24), but as a result of inconsistencies in the correction of the evidence of Enem, the Ministry of Education (GUY) He decided to give more time to students, to avoid losses.

The Sisu is the primary way to access the public higher education to the release of the National Survey of Secondary Education (one). To participate in the selection, the candidate may not have reset the wording on the issue of 2019 exam. In this semester, are 237.128 vacancies in 128 Public higher education institutions across the country. Registration is free and must be made in the participant's page.

According to the Ministry of Education (GUY), at registration the applicant must choose up to two options courses offered by the participating institutions, and the system selects the top-ranked in each course, according to the notes in Enem and any weightings, as weights assigned to the notes or bonds. If the candidate's performance will allow the entry on both courses, prevail the first option, to only one call for registration.

The results of the registrations shall be disclosed Sisu on 28 from January. From the result, enrollment or academic record in the participating institutions must be made until the day 4 of February. The launch of the occupation of vacancies will be up to the participating institutions 7 of February, and expressions of interest to be on the waiting list is up to the 23:59 of 4 of February.

What is Sisu

The Sisu is one way ticket in higher education with a note of Enem. This is the MEC of the computerized system through which public institutions of higher education offer vacancies to participants of the exam. Who does not get a place at Sisu, You can try a spot by traditional vestibular.

There is also the University for Everyone Program (ProUni), which offering full and partial grants, from 50%, in private institutions; Financing Fund Student (Fies) and the Student Financing Program (P-Fies), to finance the graduation value.

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