Iran will ensure that “to punish” responsible for the fall of the Ukrainian civil aircraft

Autoridades iranianas fizeram detenções relacionadas ao acidente.
14/01/2020 12h12 - Updated 14/01/2020 12h12

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Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, he said today (14) the country will “to punish” all responsible for the fall of the Ukrainian civil aircraft, hit by a missile outside Tehran on the last day 8.

“For our people it is very important that anyone responsible for an act of negligence be brought to justice”, Rohani said in a televised speech in Tehran.

“All those who have to be punished will be”, He added the Iranian president.

According to the Associated Press, Iranian authorities have made arrests, 's supposed related to the plane crash.

The government of the Islamic Republic eventually acknowledged that the aircraft of the airlines of Ukraine, with 176 people on board, it was shot down “by mistake” by a ballistic missile Iran, last Wednesday.

The announcement of the responsibility of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the accident caused shock and a wave of indignation in Tehran.

Saturday night, a ceremony honoring the victims turned into a demonstration against the authorities, with shouts of “death to the liars”, before being dispersed by police. Sunday night, other manifestations.

According to the Associated Press, Iranian security forces fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. non-governmental organizations defending human rights have called on Iran to allow people to peacefully protest, as envisaged in the Constitution.

Source: RTP

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