José de Abreu teases Macedo and says it will also open a Universal Church

Actor Globe caused church owner of Record.
15/01/2020 10h14 - Updated 15/01/2020 10h14

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Veteran actor Globe, José de Abreu polemical on Twitter to make a suggestion involving the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, the Bishop Macedo, I remember da.

In this ocasion, he declared willingness to "plant a church" to "sell land in the sky" and acting in bad faith and with people, calling it a "Universal Church".

"I found a church. It will be called Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. I'm selling land in the sky, bath in the Jordan River and Thai food with enough pepper to give runs the faithful ", shot.

He added: "I will say that I am taking the spiritual impurities of the body. Will believe that ". Immediately, fans reacted and fired several ironies.

"The worst thing is that you can create yourself. Any of them, with any name, any dogma, you'll have LOTS of people who will follow ", lamented a follower.

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José de Abreu vents after topless bride
With the impact of the photo in which Carolynne Junger appears without the top bikini, in Thailand, actor José de Abreu went to Twitter to vent after criticism about his relationship with the young, 51 younger than him.

The publication won the web over the weekend, and Carol was clicked in a paradisiacal island place, where the couple, that is engaged, spends holidays. "I posted and ran", she wrote in the photo caption that, logo, He won the actor Review: "Photo by I".

Hours after the publication of click, Abreu vented about the amount of criticism received. "I want all envious, cagadores of regras, tax of other people's hearts, able at least once in life to be happy as we are being. Continue discussing our relationship, maybe someday learn that love is a divine act. Which brings us closer to God or their meanings ", shot.

actor's fans supported. "Happiness bother who lives bitter and blame the world for their misfortune. no replies, no comments, You do not receive the energy waste of these people because that's just them ", said a follower.

"Good Ze, my grandmother who spoke God has already given one life to each to each take care of their! Jealousy kills my friend! great pleasure!”, He wanted another user. "Ze, gives biscuit to this bitter gang, no. Leaves die with its own poison ", He indicated another.

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