Ludmilla repudiates his image in marijuana pouch

A drug, The named as Braba, It is being sold for R $ 35.
16/01/2020 11h30 - Updated 16/01/2020 11h30

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On Tuesday (14), the singer Ludmilla, through its press office, He sent a note repudiating the picture of his face on a marijuana pouch trafficked by the Red Command in Cidade de Deus, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

A drug, The named as Braba, It is being sold for R $ 35. The new fashion of trafficking is related to the music Verdinha, launched by the singer in November 2019. On the social networks, many people criticized the song for his apology to marijuana. The launch made the singer lost the patronage of a famous shoe brand.

Parliamentary wing conservative, como Carla Zambelli, Marco Feliciano, Otoni de Paula, Osmar Terra minister and psychologist Marisa Wolf notes issued repudiating the song. Globo Network and host Fátima Bernardes also entered in the crosshairs of the population for putting the singer to publicize Verdinha in a time where many children are watching TV.


The singer Ludmilla, through its legal counsel, represented by lawyer José Macedo Lima Estevam, comes to express vehement public repudiation of serving the singer image to the use and sale of drugs.

Indeed, the singer has been misuse target your image that constitutes flagrant violation of their rights of personality, which are provided by the Civil Code.

Lastly, the singer explained that spare no effort to take all civil and criminal actions that may be necessary, to repel and hold the perpetrators of placements content about you.

Source: Pleno.News

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