boy dead mother in Nova Olinda do Norte says he received his stepmother message: "Your son is dead, slut "

The woman and the boy's father are the prime suspects of committing the crime.
20/01/2020 17h19 - Updated 21/01/2020 13h04

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The young, Aline da Silva Fragata, from 20 years, mother of Luiz Henrique dos Santos Oliveira, 3 years, found dead in Nova Olinda do Norte (distant 134 kilometers from the capital of Amazonas), He said in an interview to the program “Hello Amazon” who learned of the death of his son by telephone message sent to her by the boy's stepmother, Maria José Bezerra, that said: "Your son is dead, slut ". In this Monday (20) There was protest in front of the 11th Integrated Police District (DIP), the Crowned, in the East of the capital.

According to Aline, in December, Robert sent her message wanting to resume the relationship. Hours after the same number sent another message, as it written by the stepmother of his son, announcing the death of the boy. Then she explains that tried to call several times for the number but could not return.

The woman also stressed that the child's father, Robert Birth, Luiz took from Manaus to Nova Olinda do Norte without the permission of her and was taken by the paternal grandmother, passing on holiday with her grandson. Robert and Mary are the main suspects of having committed the crime, and they are stuck in Tefé, awaiting transfer to Manaus.

According to the Department of Public Safety Amazon, the boy was buried in the yard of the suspect couple's home to commit the crime. in testimony, double admitted that, after physically assaulting child, buried in the backyard.

The police fear it's the same that was in Fonte Boa (distant 678 kilometers from Manaus), where a rape suspect against a child was dismembered and burned by popular that invaded and depredarem the police station to start it from there.

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